PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Thanks to a quick thinking TriMet driver, a local family was reunited with their dog that was stolen while they were on vacation.

On March 9, Mike Thomas was driving his bus down Capitol Highway when he saw a man holding a dog by the collar. Thomas says he stopped the bus, but as the man tried to get onboard, the dog ran away.

The man called after the dog and it came back, and they both got onboard.

But during the bus ride, Thomas said something didn't seem right. He started asking questions, but the man couldn't answer.

"When he boarded, he let the dog go and I asked him, 'is that your dog,' and he said 'yes, but he's okay.' And I said 'no, you need to go get your dog, he's in the road.' So he called, he said 'okay, come here,' but he didn't say the dog's name," said Thomas.

When the bus made it to downtown Portland, Thomas confronted the man saying he didn't think the dog was his.

The man left, and Thomas took the dog to a transit officer, who then made sure the dog got back home.

It turns out the owner was on vacation in Hawaii, and her son was panicked looking for the dog, whose name is Cooper.

The family is incredibly grateful to Thomas.

"We really felt compelled to send him a gift. We sent him a picture of Cooper, it said 'thank you for bringing me back home to my family,'" said Jane Murphy.

On Thursday, Thomas met with Cooper's very grateful owners, and did the dog another big favor by bringing him a bone.

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