PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A southeast Portland guitar shop was broken into for a second time in just eight months and the suspect was caught on camera.

Surveillance video from Strum shows a person walking through a shattered window with an item, carrying it to the van parked outside and then they take off.

"They took an amplifier, parts of another amplifier, they took a reverb tank, and they took 5 guitars. Total value of the loss is in the neighborhood of $7,500 to $10,000," Michael Krasovech, owner of Strum, said.

He said this is the second time they've been broken into. The first time was late August 2020, when they lost $20,000 in gear and had another window broken. That window still hasn't been repaired.

"It’s really frustrating, you know. Things have been difficult enough with the risk level changes that are happening and how that’s affected our traffic that’s been coming in," Krasovech said.

Now, with another break in comes additional repair and security costs on top of an already tough year.

"We’re going to have to add some sliding scissor gates to close that up," he said. "For the bank of three windows over there, we’re looking in the ballpark of $5,000. Then, the scissor gate improvements we’re making to the space are over $1,000 too."

Krasovech said this is especially upsetting because they put a lot of work into curating items for the shop.

"It’s just a waste. It just becomes a material object to somebody that they’re going to flip out craigslist or they’re gonna flip out on Facebook marketplace," he said. "We’re a small, family-owned business, a curated collection of ideas and that’s what makes us who we are."

He said the most helpful thing the community can do right now is keep an eye out for the stolen items at resale or pawn shops.

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Worst PDX Mayor Ever

The key term in this story, the one that tells us everything we need to know, is "SE Portland." I mean, if you're a business owner, why would you open a business with so much valuable inventory just sitting there, in SE Portland? And after you got hit once, why didn't you have bars up across the windows, with a thick steel door? Ya know, I'll bet the owner of that store actually voted for that stupid bill that decriminalized possession of hard drugs in Portland, and how ironic, since the motivation for the burglary was to go buy more hard drugs.

Eliza Cassan

If I had a business in Portland I'd sleep in it nighty with a long gun


Shoplifters, thieves and vandals have more rights than law abiding citizens and they have all the lawyers on their side.


"He said the most helpful thing the community can do right now is keep an eye out for the stolen items at resale or pawn shops." We here at KPTV aren't going to tell you what those items are to look out for. We just partially report the news. We're not a public service outlet.


You need to get a dog. A really big dog.


Opening a business in Portland sadly you must expect these things now. Vandalism and theft with no help from local leaders. This city welcomes criminals who come here to steal from others because there are zero consequences if they get caught.

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