Superintendent: Portland parent detained by ICE while bringing child to school

KPTV photo.

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - “Inhumane, horrified and unforgivable.”

Strong words were spoken by the Superintendent of Portland Public Schools, who says a parent was recently on the way to school to drop off their kids when they were detained by ICE.

Guadalupe Guerrero calls the recent arrest “unacceptable.”

“I am horrified and angered that one of these detainees is a PPS parent, who like so many other families, was on their way to drop off their children, our students, at school. This is unforgivable and inhumane,” Guerrero said.

The superintendent shared these words at a school board meeting Tuesday night. Guerrero expressed frustration about the arrest of a local parent. His strong words were met with applause from the crowd and a standing ovation. Guerrero says he’s in touch with the family impacted by the arrest.

“While we watch the six o’clock news and see the horrific images of children being torn from their families and put into cages at the border, we know that our families right here in Portland, right here in our communities, are being torn apart. This is unacceptable,” Guerrero said.

At this point, it’s unclear who was arrested. PPS said the arrest did not happen on school property.

Meanwhile, Guerrero said the school will provide support to help both students and families heal from this “horrific trauma.”

FOX 12 reached out to ICE about this reported arrest, however they need a birth date and A name to release any information about the person detained.

ICE did release a statement, saying in part:

“Current ICE guidance directs agency personnel to avoid conducting enforcement activities at sensitive locations unless they have prior approval from an appropriate supervisory official or in the event of exigent circumstances. The locations specified in the guidance include schools, places of worship and hospitals."

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(6) comments

kyle H

So, we can't take them into custody while they move to and from our courthouses, and can't even take them into custody when they are walking the bambimo to the bus stop. The government is willing to discuss the actions, which they state if it occurred as reported would only take place under exigent circumstances, meaning that was deemed the safest time they could take them into custody without risking safety of public, but need more info in order to determine who precisely they were talking about. And no one is s in a position to provide the info necessary to identify the person allegedly detained? I have two , maybe three, questions. How is it we are so certain this incident actually took place,. Any eye witnesses, interviewed or some cell phone video, heck there's ALWAYS video, anyone who said that they saw this poor bone weary field workee, who simply wanted to come to the states, work a field, doing something Honorable that no one here would ever be caught doing for work, raise a family, etc., etc.? Anything? How do we then know this isn't some phantom incident intended to over an extended period of time become just one of many incidents which are created to influence public opinion toward a specific adgenda? Did this alleged enforcement of I'm migration law violations actually occur, as Mr. Guerrero claimed so publicly at his meeting the other night, which was so well received by those in attendance that there was standing ovation ? Or is Fox 12 just assisting whatever group or organization push an specific agenda aimed to influence public opinion toward a certain goal knowingly or carelessly? Let's get the identifying information on the detained, if they ate real and dig into the details of reasoning the government took such an action. I fear that they Fox 12, Mr Guerrero, and the Ice spokesperson cannot do so because it, again, I fear, never really happened.


Break the law, go to jail. You cannot pick and chose which laws to break. Either you are in a law abiding country or you are not. This is not the PURGE movies. If you don't like the law, change it. What are you teaching the children? "Oh, I don't like that law about paying for a new phone, so I can just chose to take it?"

Terrell Higgs

Dropping your kids off at school does not give you immunities to the law, any law.


I think it only appropriate in a article like this to have the place of detainment and whether or not the person was or was not an illegal immigrate. If it was in a car as I suspect and he was a illegal then there should be no outrage. Anyone who would be outraged by this is not in my mind a good American citizen and in fact is a traitor to the country and its citizens who are suffering because of the overloading of our welfare systems by the illegals !!

kyle H

They can't even provide the alleged detainee name, DOB,etc. The ICE/ US Marshal prisoner management transport system is pretty large, very, very likely to have any number of individuals of same name in the system, literally all over the world at any given time. So., Without being able to reasonably identify the correct person, how can you expect the facility , etc. to be mentioned? Did you read the story?

I'm a fan of not traumatizing kids. Ice is lazy if they had to nab the parent on the way to school. If that makes me a bad American, feel free to reply with your cell number so we can arrange a meet up. I'll show you my dd214 with my honorable discharge and commendations.

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