Video shows Trump flags, truck set on fire in Clark County

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CLARK COUNTY, WA (KPTV) – An arson investigation is underway after a fire at an apartment complex parking lot was caught on camera. 

A viewer e-mailed FOX 12 about how someone set flags in support of President Donald Trump on fire late Friday night at the Highland Hills Apartments. 

The flags were on the back of a pickup truck, which also burned. 

FOX 12 spoke with the truck's owner who said the whole thing was really scary, but he's not surprised it happened.

"We are going to buy a couple more flags and if this husk is still sitting here, I'm going to mount more flags on this thing and on my next truck I'm going to do it again," Joseph Jean said. "I'm not scared of these people at all and it's going to take a lot more than this to do it."

"The thing is that we don't condone this from either side," Andrea Jean said. "I don't care if you have Biden flags in your truck. I will never set a vehicle on fire and take the chance of hurting human beings because I couldn't agree with the flag."

The Clark County Fire Marshal is investigating the case, according to the Clark County Sheriff's Office. 

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(10) comments

Mr Q

well I see that the Peaceful left is at it again.


i followed the rules and my comment was deleted... that's the right wing for ya. to many facts and you get deleted.


with the lies and projection from the right. I wouldn't be surprised if this dude set his own truck on fire for insurance fraud... but if i am wrong... that's kinda what you get when you support an un-American terrorist like trump. But violence is the wrong way to go about it. cheers!


Ohhhh Listen to the fear mongering Liberals it's white supremacy we have to be scared of! You liberals should try listening to the stuff that comes out of your mouths. If you did you might even laugh at yourself its that stupid! As the riots continue night after night our leaders still preach it's white supremacy.... WOW! They must be talking about somewhere else!


so how long have you been a Fascist?


you are hilarious.... "fear mongering" is the only policy the right has.

Eliza Cassan

as if we needed more evidence that these liberals are ultra-violent


so how long have you been a Fascist?


how does this make all "liberals" "ultra-violent" they aren't the ones showing up prepared for a war.

Cat of the Canals

That's not cool! At this point, criticizing Trump and his supporters is worse than making fun of the Special Olympics athletes.

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