Surveillance video shows a person aiming firework at Vancouver home that burned down


Surveillance video shows a person aiming fireworks at a Vancouver home that burned up in flames leaving one family displaced.

Gordon Clark, who lived at the home for one month before it burned, described the moment he saw the massive fire, "I watched it and the flames just were sucked up right in the attic with the whole attic on fire."

He said it was his worst nightmare.

The incident happened July 10th, just after the 4th of July holiday.

"I saw a bunch of commotion going on when I came down the road and it wound up being in front of my yard."

He said within seconds he saw the home engulfed in smoke as it started in around the house. But now, Clark gets to see how it all began.

"I forgot we had a camera when it was happening," said Adriana Ramos, a neighbor from down the street.

Her family installed security cameras two weeks before the fire.

"The guy put something down by the bush and then a couple seconds later smoke started so that’s what probably started it," she said about the footage that showed the seconds before and after.

"Even took time to adjust, look at the house, made adjustments, set it off and took off," said Clark after seeing the video.

The fire left him, his wife and two kids without a home. "It tore us apart, my family has to stay with my sister in her place and it doesn’t work with my work hours."

Clark is thankful his family wasn't home at the time, but he lost about $25,000 in personal belongings, and now he wants answers.

"We’d only been here a month, not enough to upset anybody," he said.

The Vancouver Fire Department confirmed the burns in the home were consistent with firework explosions.

Crews said the suspect in the video could face up to $750 in fines if they are caught.

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