HAPPY VALLEY, OR (KPTV) – The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office says what started as a traffic stop early Tuesday morning in Happy Valley ended in a pursuit and crash that damaged two homes in Southeast Portland.

The sheriff’s office says a deputy pulled over 36-year-old Ryan Sudlow for a traffic violation near Southeast King and Southeast Mt. Scott Boulevard.

But deputies say Sudlow took off during that traffic stop, leading deputies on a chase and driving at speeds between 70 and 80 miles per hour.

The sheriff’s office says Sudlow then tore through two properties and went airborne over a car, tearing off its roof rack and crashing into a garage off Southeast Clatsop Street.

The sheriff’s office says no one inside either of the homes was hurt.

FOX 12 spoke with Brian Boyd who lives in one of those homes. He got a startling awakening early Tuesday morning.

“It was unbelievable, sounded like a bomb hit out here and then you really come to understand that that’s not what happened some guy just hit your house with a car,” Boyd said. “It looked like a police show when I opened the door and looked outside the officer had the gun pointed at him was giving him instructions on what to do, the guy didn’t seem like he wanted to get down the policeman kept telling him to get down multiple times.”

The sheriff’s office says Sudlow was arrested on multiple charges and was in possession of methamphetamine at the time of his arrest.

The impact of that crash was so hard, Boyd says it knocked some of his home off its foundation. On Tuesday afternoon, he was left to clean up the mess outside his house and get estimates on damage.

But he realizes they’re lucky.

“We’re very fortunate we didn’t lose power, no gas leak, nothing, because it could’ve been a lot worse that way,” Boyd said.

The sheriff’s office says Sudlow was not injured.

Deputies say Sudlow’s girlfriend was a passenger in the car and she was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The car Sudlow was driving deputies say belonged to the mom of his girlfriend who lent it to them. Deputies do not believe Sudlow was impaired at the time of the chase and crash.

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Well said Mr. Fukov.

Frederick Fukov

How dumb is that? First of all, lose the meth habit. When have we ever heard a meth success story..ya know? Like, "my life was going nowhere. I had no job, no girlfriend, no car, I was sleeping on friends' couches, and then I found meth. Almost immediately I got a great job, got a car, found a nice girl, and now we're engaged." Secondly, if you get pulled over..just eat it. I mean, if you have paper on you, just go through the process and don't make it worse. How many car chases end up with the perp getting away from trained law enforcement? Now look at your sitch. Instead of maybe doing a night in jail, and having some fines and community service and rehab to deal with, now you've got county jail time, suspended license, major fines and reparations to a home owner, and years of getting your life together. Meth, great choice. Someone offers you meth, and you go "sure..I hear great things about that drug."

Native Born

Illegal drugs really are the scourge of our country!


We need a Justice System willing to put the safety and security of law abiding, taxpaying civilized citizens First and foremost, stop the ridiculous pity party for those who choose drugs and hand down the decade or so in prison that these creatures have earned!

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