Swarm of termites in New Orleans grows so large it shows up on radar

A radar sweep from the National Weather Service in New Orleans Sunday showed huge swarms of termites filling the skies around the city. (NWS)

Meteorologists have seen more than weather systems come across their radar. Echoes from the signal they call ground clutter or even the occasional large flock of birds may show up on their maps.

For those tracking the radar in New Orleans Sunday, though, what was showing on their radars was something more biblical - swarms of termites.

The National Weather Service’s New Orleans office shared a sweep of their radar on Twitter showing the mass of the bugs.

We're used to seeing bird flocks on radar at sunrise, but it looks like insect swarms are getting picked up tonight. pic.twitter.com/ohord8G8lJ— NWS New Orleans (@NWSNewOrleans) May 30, 2016

According to FOX 8 WVUE in New Orleans, local residents are used to termite swarms during this time of year.

A staffer with Terminix said that the swarms were young kings and queens leaving colonies, and while these bugs don’t go after wood themselves, they can set up new nests that can lead to damage.

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