PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The surgery Christine Dixon never wanted for her daughter has happened.

Kylee Dixon, 13, is in the ICU following her liver surgery at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. A Clackamas County judge ruled last week that Kylee would get this surgery, agreeing with statements from medical experts that the state of her health was an “emergency.”

Kylee's mother, Christine, has been battling the state of Oregon since the summer to prevent her daughter from getting the procedure, which removed about half of her liver.

Dixon is now facing criminal mistreatment charges after she took Kylee out of the state to pursue more natural methods of cancer treatment last year.

The teen was also removed from her mother’s custody and put into foster care.

Dixon said she got an email from the Department of Human Services late Tuesday night indicating that her daughter's procedure was finished. She thought she'd be informed prior to her daughter getting admitted to the hospital.

“My heart just hit the floor,” Dixon said after visiting her daughter in the hospital for the first time Wednesday. “And now she’s here in the same ICU unit where Kylee flatlined and we’ve had serious issues before, it’s scary.”

Dixon says she was escorted into her daughter’s hospital room by police officers, and she couldn’t bring her phone in to take pictures or record anything.

According to Dixon, Kylee is doing okay but she is in a lot of pain and struggling to breathe.

“This part is the easiest part, the scariest part is the next six months,” Dixon said, explaining that she believes her daughter is at risk for liver failure.

Questions remain as to when Kylee will be able to return home. Dixon says DHS hasn’t given her much information on that.

“If they stuck to what they should do and their word and what their own protocol is, my daughter should be back in my own care immediately, right now,” Dixon said.

DHS told FOX 12 it is lawfully prohibited from talking about current cases in order to “protect the privacy of the children in our care.”

Dixon will be back in court for her criminal case in March.

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(5) comments


How this is being allowed is criminal. It needs a lot more attention because it could happen to any of us who try "conventional" cancer treatment that fails and opt to do something natural that actually helps that they don't make money off of. This is so very wrong. She did not neglect her child, she did everything she could to help her and now is being punished? her child is as well.


The judge did not agree this was an emergency. Kylee was TIRED and wanted to go home. She's been in foster care where she was forced to stay in a home that was sexually assaulting here and DHS refused to move her or protect her there.. she said she would do the surgery if she got to go home but DHS already has secret plans to adopt her out.


FYI DHS can talk about the kid all they want. Mom signed waivers and they say they have more rights to her child than they do and refused to even speak to senators. If "tehy" are in charge of her then they can speak to whomever they choose. They choose not to. Kylee has def given permission. They are just covering their butts. They need to be disbanded/dismantled abd everyone in there needs to be charged with criminal acts


This is so sad. DHS went against court orders. Why isn't DHS being arrested? Why isn't this modern day mafia being controlled? The chances or her surviving with a sliver of liver are grim. I heard she has no circulation now and swollen triple her size :(

historian 1441

Like many others, this girl was sacrificed for the benefit of the Medical Industry's bottom line. Cancer treatment kills more people than any cancer. About 1/2 of all people who enter Cancer treatment are Bankrupt by the cost of the treatment. None of this is don e for the "Health of the Patient"...

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