The husband of a woman killed outside a Cedar Mill apartment complex told FOX 12 he will not give the 17-year-old murder suspect the satisfaction of seeing the pain he has caused.

Instead, Chris Laube said he will stay strong for everyone who loved his wife, Nicole Laube.

Jaime Tinoco was indicted and arrested for Nicole Laube's murder Wednesday.

Tinoco, 17, is the same teen convicted of brutally beating and raping a mother of two outside of Autzen Stadium last fall.

For more than seven months, deputies have searched all over the region for Nicole Laube's killer. Turns out, Tinoco lived with his family in an apartment right across the street from where she was killed.

Deputies say Nicole Laube was working at the Commons at Timber Creek Apartment complex in Cedar Mill when she was stabbed to death on Aug. 19th of last year.

Deputies say it appears she was killed in a completely random act of violence.

“You realize what kind of rage that must take, what's going on in a 17-year-old kid's head that you commit murder,” said Nicole's husband Chris Laube. “It's amazing, just the presence of this person, it's terrifying.”

WATCH: Chris Laube reacts to teenager's arrest in connection with his wife's murder

News of Tinoco's arrest is still sinking in for Chris Laube. He once feared detectives would never make an arrest in this case at all.

“It's mixed emotions you know, you want to jump up and scream out of excitement, and then there's shock,” said Chris Laube. “It took me a day of pinching myself trying to figure out if I was awake. You wonder if it's real, so much so you almost want to call the detectives back and say, ‘did you really call me?'”

“He was on a path, something must have happened for him to go from minor things one day, to murder, that's some rage,” added Chris Laube.

Weeks after Nicole Laube's murder, Tinoco attacked a woman in Eugene.

The teen, who was in juvenile detention months before this, was at an Oregon Ducks football game with a group of several other youth offenders when it happened.

He was supposed to be under the supervision of Washington County, but prosecutors say he escaped from the group.

Prosecutors say he followed a woman along MLK Boulevard and attacked her from behind. He dragged her into some bushes and used a rock wall as a barrier while he violently punched her some 20 times in the face and then raped her.

Soon after the rape, he was arrested.

Tinoco pleaded guilty in that case last week and was sentenced to more than 14 years behind bars.

Throughout the victim's testimony in that sentencing, Tinoco was caught trying to hold back a smile. When a judge asked him why he was smiling, Tinoco told the judge he did not know.

The Lane County district attorney tells FOX 12 it was the most heinous and brutal sexual assault without a weapon he's ever prosecuted.

“He's off the street for a long time, and I'm thankful for that,” said Chris Laube. “We don't have to hear another story about this happening to someone else, I just can't imagine that. If he would have gotten away, this would happen again in another week, or two weeks, another woman would be harmed by him.”

Multiple sources close to the investigation confirm to FOX 12 that right after his sentencing in the Eugene case, Tinoco confessed to Nicole Laube's murder. He admitted to things only the killer would know.

Soon after he confessed, Washington County detectives arrested Tinoco.

Chris Laube says he's now preparing for the day he will face him in court.

“You know what, I'm going to be strong, that's the one commitment I've had. I'm not going to give him the privilege to smile and laugh, I'm not going to give him that same privilege to know he hurt me, he took a wife, a daughter, a mother a sister, a friend to a lot of people, he took that away,” said Chris Laube. “But, in the end, I'm not going to give him that satisfaction to see that hurt and pain. I will stay strong for the kids, for the family, for the community, he doesn't deserve that satisfaction.”

Tinoco is scheduled to be arraigned in court Thursday. He is currently in the custody of the Oregon Youth Authority, but he will be returned to the custody of the Washington County Sheriff's Office when he turns 18 years old on Friday.

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