OREGON CITY, OR (KPTV) - Oregon City police said a young teen was hit by a car while riding his bike home from school last week.

He’s going to be okay, thanks to his helmet, but his bike is destroyed.

“He’s cautious, he’s a great kid, very responsible. So I thought, you know, everything would be okay,” his mother, Savannah Popovic told FOX 12.

Police said her son, 13-year-old Aidann, was hit by a driver just a mile away from home.

The driver was on her phone, officers said, and didn’t see him.

“All on her phone the entire time, until she looked up and saw me on the hood,” Aidann said. “I have a cracked ankle, as you can tell by the brace.”

Aidann also has a fractured hip, and some road rash and bruises. But the reason he may be alive is because of his helmet.

“That’s what saved his life, it really is,” Popovic said.

The Oregon City Police Department wanted to recognize Aidann for doing everything right, so on Tuesday they surprised him with a brand new bike and helmet.

“We didn’t expect so many officers that wanted to meet him,” said Savannah.

The officer that was first by his side when Aidann was hit, Officer Jason Lemons, was also there.

“They were all reminiscing when they were my age. Their bike was their life. It was their love. It was their mode of transportation. Their bike meant everything to them,” Aidann said.

The 13-year-old told FOX 12 he’ll grow up with a helmet on his head, and the day he can drive he says he surely won’t be texting.

Police said the driver who hit him remained on scene, and was extremely apologetic.

She was cited, officers said, for operating a motor vehicle while using an electronic device.

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They need too make the fines more severe for distracted phone driving. It's as bad as driving impaired driving drunk.


These are good cops. Kudos.

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