PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Some Portlanders gathered virtually Sunday night to discuss what can be done for people who won’t be able to afford their rent once it’s due.

The financial impacts of COVID-19 have hit millions of Americans. Unemployment has skyrocketed and many states are just beginning the process of reopening.

In order to help ease the economic impacts, Oregon placed a moratorium on evictions for unpaid rent, and will allow six months for tenants to make their missed payments. But, eventually, that rent will be due.

“It’s unreasonable and unrealistic,” said Margot Black. Black is the co-chair of Portland Tenants United and is also vying for seat #2 on Portland’s City Council.

She says once Governor Kate Brown’s moratorium on evictions is lifted, she fears thing could become dire for many who weren’t able to pay their rent.

“When that emergency order lifts in July, or is scheduled to lift in July, and that six-month clock starts ticking, we’ll see an enormous eviction and debt crisis,” she said.

She believes it’s time for local or even federal government to take action and for landlords to start working with their tenants.

“I think what we need is tenants to agree to pay 30 percent of their income in rent and no more, landlords to agree to take that and a combination of subsidies to landlords to cover operational expenses and housing vouchers that really should just be an entitlement program,” said Black.

Black says she understands that landlords also have mortgages and that property managers have other payments, so she doesn’t feel that they should have to foot the bill.

“I’m in support of landlords getting relief that will cover the costs of their own mortgages, however, I do think the banks are really the ones that need to take the hits there,” she said.

Sunday night’s virtual meeting allowed tenants to ask Black and other tenant union members questions about their rights and ask advice about rent.

Black says she believes rent prices in Portland are too high and need to come down to match the post-COVID-19 market.

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(7) comments


Well, If anyone should take the hit it should be those financial institutions whom decided to push those junk mortgages several years ago that they knew were worthless and ended up crashing the entire worlds economy, then going hat in hand to the NUS Congress begging that they were" too big to fail" and needed a bail out from american taxpayers to the tune of, what was it again, Oh yeah, 8 Billion dollars. For something that they KNEW, or should have known, was a scheme and that someone would be victimized as a result of the games they were playing. However, Yes, it is also true that Americans have become totally financially irresponsible. A vast majority long ago forgot about what responsibility means. They think that so long as they show up for work that not only do they deserve that pay check they receive each friday but that they also deserve to go out partying every weekend or play every weekend on the mountain or whatever thgey do with their money that they are starving and destitute at four weeks of no paycheck. everything is screwed for lots and lots of Portlanders who dont recall grandparents telling them, parents telling them, "Save your money",or did they just know better then to their elders and do just what they wanted. If it were put to a vote, I'd cast mine for the tenants being held responsible for themselves. Didnt pay your rent?, Get Out! But of course, it will take the average tenant a while to meet their obligations.., because of the fact tghat these same people who are in a crisis right now have placed into positions of power within our governments people just like them.., irresponsible or imbacilic individuals whom also didnt plan a head and so now unemployment checks are not going out of a vast majority of people. the state is overwhelmed by the number of claimants, even though they have had well over a month to catch up, they dont know exactly how to do so.., because they are in a position, hold an office, or are generally, in well over their heads. because it was more important that the poerson was gay, of color, or whatever else rather then someone who had experience and a grasp of the real responibility of the position. REAP what you sow, Portlanders. Reap what youve sown.


Black is running for office and this is one way to get votes from the deadbeats. Give them something for nothing. Portland keeps welcoming losers from all over the country and is becoming a bigger cesspool day by day. The sooner Portland disappears by whatever means, earthquake, nuked, virus, etc. the sooner the rest of the state can start recovering from the disaster the liberals have created.

Terrell Higgs

What did banks do wrong to 'take the hit'? Why should landlords not be able to get paid? There is a little something called personal responsibility


"I do think the banks are really the ones that need to take the hits there"

What an ignorant nitwit. Banks should take the hit because irresponsible adults didn't live within their means? No way banks or landlords are responsible for irresponsible adults. It has been standard personal finance wisdom for many decades to have 4-6 months living expenses in the "bank" for times when income stops coming in. It is time for society to grow up and stop blaming others for their irresponsible choices.

Mr pickles

Banks should take the hit? What an idiot.


When did it become the city or states business the contracts that people enter into for property rents? If a renter doesnt pay can the landlord then not pay the property tax? Skip the water bill? Quit maintaining the property?


Let them. Take the black pill. Quit trying to save Portland from itself. At some point the banks will write off the properties as bad debt. Developers won't get loans for new rental properties. Existing rentals will be left to fall apart because why would a landlord sink money into something with a limited return. The quicker we embrace these insane policies on the left the sooner the state collapses

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