PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - A Portland couple displaced after a devastating apartment fire said they are now victims of looting at their former home.

Dwayne Perry and Willita Ross escaped from the fire that tore through the Heidi Manor Apartment Complex in July, killing three people.

Perry told FOX 12 that Monday he was finally allowed back on the property for the first time since the fire broke out on Fourth of July.

“I come home, and my place has been violated, again, after this fire here,” Perry said.

Perry said he went to the apartment complex to gather up some belongings that he was told would be collected for him from his apartment.

He first checked on his car that was partially burned in the fire.

“My glove compartment was open, nothing in there and then I started taking video,” Perry said.

Due to damage and dangerous exposed asbestos, Perry said he wasn’t allowed into his apartment.

“I asked for four items today and I only got one – I got my shoebox,” Perry said.

Everything else, said Perry, was missing.

Perry and Ross showed Fox 12 several videos and photos that were taken from the inside of their apartment over the course of the last few months.

According to Perry, the photos and videos were taken by the property management company and the restoration company that was hired to rebuild the units.

The images show the rooms in disarray, with some items visible in some photos and missing from others taken later.

“Everything was pulled out of drawers, everywhere, some of my purses were not in my room,” Ross said. “People ransacked, stole all my medication that was there.”

“Everyone who lives there, their lives are going to be different, and they’re not caring or even trying to protect us still, they’re letting people go through go through our personal property,” Ross added.

The couple said they lived on the bottom floor, in apartment eight on the end. They think thieves broke in through their sliding glass door on the patio and through a window, where an air-conditioning unit is now missing.

For Ross – it’s a nightmare all over again.

“All my identification and the cards; it’s gone, someone else has it and now I have to go right behind after trying to replace everything and I got to protect my identity right now,” Ross said.

They both wonder why more wasn’t done to protect and secure the damaged building.

“Nobody should have been past that yellow tape,” Perry said.

FOX 12 reached out to the property management company Monday evening to inquire about security at the apartment complex and is waiting to hear back.

Meanwhile, police are still looking for the person responsible for the fire that is believed to have been started by fireworks that ignited trash in a dumpster by the building.

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