PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The Portland Trail Blazers announced on Friday the organization and Terry Stotts have mutually agreed to part ways.

Stotts completed his ninth season as head coach of the Trail Blazers in 2020-21 after guiding Portland to a 42-30 record and an eighth consecutive postseason appearance. He is the second-winningest coach in franchise history after Jack Ramsay. Stotts holds a career coaching record of 517-486 and a 402-318 mark with Portland.

“I have the utmost respect for Terry and what he has accomplished these past nine seasons,” said Neil Olshey, president of basketball operations.

“We are all grateful for Terry’s contributions and his nine years with the Trail Blazers,” said Jody Allen, chair of the Trail Blazers. “I appreciate his steadfast dedication to the players, the game, and the broader Portland community. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

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Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Stotts clearly is not head coach material. He's a glorified assistant coach. His teams played stupid basketball, and that is a reflection of the coach. It's been so frustrating watching smarter teams with better coaches come in here and work the 'zers. Even Lillard, as great as he is, he commits way too many senseless turnovers. And don't even get me started on what an ignorant basketball player Nurk is. Fouls out in three straight playoff games, and then when he miraculously has zero fouls and halftime, and it looks like he's gonna last an entire game, he picks up four fouls in the third quarter, and then fouls out with one of the worst charging fouls I've ever seen? Seriously, that defender was sitting there doing his taxes, waiting for Nurk to crash into him. So frustrating watching this team. They have talent. What they lack is brains and leadership. It just got so old watching other teams with the same or less talent, work the 'zers because the other team had a smarter coach, smarter players, and a better game plan. I'm glad Stotts is gone, but that won't change much here. I mean, Lillard endorsed Jason Kidd? And then Kidd declines because of the way Lillard came out and endorsed him? Double ewe tee eph? The NBA has become a joke anyway. Let me know if the 'zers ever figure out how to draft the right players, how to keep 'em healthy, how to make them get in and stay in shape, how to hire a coach, and how to get them to play a smarter brand of basketball. I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Eliza Cassan

Had a exciting team, but zero success in the playoffs, Dame's best years are quickly passing by


Probably was not mutual like they are saying. Front office told him he was done. That is how it works.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

It's obvious they allowed him to save face. Nurk, Zach and CJ all need to go. Zach is frail, and he was a waste of a draft pick. Nurk is lazy and stupid, and CJ is expendable now that we have Powell.


Portland is a septic tank.


Good luck finding someone who can and is willing to replace him

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