PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland Fire & Rescue is testing out an eco-friendly truck.

The hybrid-electric concept vehicle is built by Rosenbauer, a company based in Austria.

The truck was on display at Portland City Hall on Monday morning before firefighters test drove it at Portland International Raceway.

The truck is equipped with two electric motors, which reduce noise and allow firefighters to communicate easier with each other, according to officials.

The electric drive is enough for 30 minutes of electrical operation and can drive the extinguishing water pump, Portland Fire & Rescue says. The truck’s diesel engine produces significantly lower exhaust emissions when compared to a standard fire engine.

None of the hybrid trucks have been purchased yet and everything is still in the testing phase, according to officials. The city says the trucks could help Portland meet its climate action goals.

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How about they turn off sirens and they program smart phones to alert people of incoming vehicles? This will make the coffee and pot shops a nicer place and won't disturb the homeless!


This is an emergency vehicle that needs to be able to work all day long. Unless the Mayor who is made of money is buying this very expensive piece of equipment just to put out homeless peoples camp fires as thats all that 30 minutes of power will do. Other wise its running on diesel so why waste the money. This will change nothing except to make the haters feel better that they are making some company rich will taking much needed tax dollars away from things that are needed.


agree, this is a waste of time and money. stupid people in charge

LQ Jones

If the Earth can survive for millions of years of cold spells, heat spells, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, continental drift, extreme weather that wiped out species, meteor strikes, sun spots and so much more, then there is NO way 100 years of fossil fuels will wipe out the Earth.

Stop lying.



Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Oh my gawd. Just when you think the People's Republic of PORKland can't explore further possibilities of stupidity, they come up with this. They have already $pent bookoo buck$ replacing their aging fleet of American LaFrance fire apparatus with excellent rigs from Pierce and now they want to test this electric engine with a 30 minute drive limit??? You can't this stuff up. Using this will cost lives because of severe limitations of power and a short battery charge life. This what will kill, not "climate change". Idiots


I totally agree


I think PFB shold meet their staffing goals before their environment goals.


If they want to test this, send it to New South Wales, Australia!


I'm so sick of hearing about the city "reaching its climate goals"..quit wasting our tax money on bogus climate hoaxes!


Spot on!

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