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Frederick Fukov

What an awesome story. If it doesn't choke ya up..you're not human. Something special goin' on down at South Salem. A few years ago, Beaverton had a great team. They won Metro that year, and made it to the semi-finals where I think they lost to Jeff. Anyway, South Salem visited Beaverton early in the season. Watching them warm up, they looked small, not particularly athletic. I thought Beaverton was gonna blow 'em out. But South Salem upset Beaverton that night. I was impressed. South has a great coach and program. They're one of the top teams in the state again this year. It surprises me like..not at all that they would also have this really cool "unified" team. The interviews with the kids were..well..like I said, if you don't get a little emotional watching this story..you need a little more sentimentality in your life.

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