PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Local leaders and community members are condemning nightly violence in Portland that’s gone on for more than a month and a half.

Demonstrations started the end of May after the death of George Floyd in the name of Black Lives Matter, racial justice and police reform.

FOX 12 spoke to a man who lives nearby who’s so tired of what’s gone on here. He decided to come down and make a statement of his own.

“I felt compelled to show my patriotism and to try to bring a different message to the courthouse,” Gabriel Johnson said.

On Saturday night, Johnson stood with an American flag. He says not as a political statement but as a symbol of unity, freedom and to show violence is not the American way.

“I’m not taking any sides the side that I take is being a citizen of this country and being a citizen of Portland what’s going on from either side is not cool,” he said.

Johnson is a Marine veteran and lives just about a block from the Justice Center and federal courthouse with all that’s gone on here the past month and a half he says he can’t even relax in his own home.

“On Friday night I counted 82 explosions house full of gas. I’m on the 12 floor here it reminded me of being in Iraq and my experience of being Iraq not here in Portland not where it’s supposed to be safe not where it’s supposed to be peaceful,” he said.

Johnson believes the demonstrators who act violently are taking advantage of the initial cause.

“These people aren’t about Black Lives and they don’t represent me,” he said.

FOX 12 asked Portland NAACP President E.D. Mondaine what he thinks of that.

“I think it’s the leftists co opting the black lives matter movement,” Mondaine said.

He says the nightly violence we’ve seen is part of an overall revolution but with a different agenda.

“We have to somehow bring it back on point and we’re going to have to have a bigger voice than that of the leftists that have co opted this movement to take the attention from what really matters and what really matters is justice,” he said.

Mondaine says he’s hopeful that regardless of rioting, arson and destruction, the right message will prevail.

“I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that we will win this fight we will win this war on racism and we will be the great country that we are,” he said.

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(16) comments

Kenny Rogers

The overwhelming majority of rioters are spoiled and spoon fed white liberal college students, all putting their social justice degrees to good use. Instead of their parents disciplining them when they were younger, they chose the path to indoctrination from their professors and the toilet paper/book known as "White Fragility." The rioters don't represent black or brown people. In fact, these crazed rioters don't represent any hardworking and taxpaying Oregonian regardless of what your race is. Maybe our city leaders could actually get off their duff and do something for once.

No Place Like Home

bring in an army of shrinks and give them a chance to try and talk them into leaving and if that doesn't work then bring in the exterminators.


Sounds like a good man confronting the crazies of Portland Democrat Party.


This has gone on long enough. It is time to bring in the military and put an end to it. We are sick and tired of these people and thugs destroying our city only to watch the Gov and mayor do nothing. Military and water cannons would work great. Wash the idiots away.




“They” may not represent you but Ted Wheeler and Jo Ann Hardesty do!

Just curious

[thumbup] Hardesty & wheeler are showing how "great" they can be?


This has nothing to do with being racist. It's all political. The liberals are using any means possible to keep Trump from being elected, which includes destroying our country. It will not end well for them.


I can't wait to drink the tears of liberals in 100 days! [beam]

pb sir

Gee, even the NAACP President is saying that the social change message has been drowned out by a mob of rioters. So why can't our elected officials seem to figure that out? If you listen to Ted and Kate, you would think that all of them are just "peacefull protesters"...


Well, there is peaceful protesters out there. At about 10pm different people show up and spoil the whole thing. I am down here daily too...and the later group does not say who they are with. They do not represent the leftists either. They are just a group of people who want to see the destruction of things. They represent themselves, not any group.


Those that show up at night are nothing but lost boys who think they're warriors, but know deep inside they're losers. That's why they're angry. They blame everyone but themselves for having nothing to be proud of. BRING BACK THE DRAFT and make men and women out of these wanna-be-has-beens!!

Just curious

[ohmy] If they had an ounce of brains they would have done their job for their constituents.

Terrell Higgs

Good for him, he is right, too bad none of city council has an ounce of his common sense.


The head of the city council is a crazy, activist (aka professional whiner) voodoo witch doctor who speaks with marbles in their (his? her?) mouth.


Well said, they do not represent me either.

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