CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - Clackamas County deputies and an auto repair and installation shop near Oak Grove need help finding a man who broke into three cars Wednesday morning.

The owner of Superior Soobie and Import says Wednesday morning two men were seen on surveillance at the edge of their property off Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard. One of the men walks into their parking lot while the other leaves the camera's frame.

In the minutes that follow, the owner says the man who walked onto their property broke into three cars.

“Someone was breaking into cars, and had ripped a bunch of stereo equipment out of one car, broken into another car,” Rick Cropper, the owner, said.

The third car, however, was equipped with a GPS device inside that can detect motion. It went off and alerted the car’s owner.

“He got his gun and his flashlight and he came down here and he found the individual, the suspect in the vehicle removing stereo equipment and he held him at gunpoint,” Cropper said.

The video shows the owner armed with a handgun. He controls the man then asks to see some ID. Moments later, the suspect takes off. Another camera captures a scuffle, the suspect is thrown to the ground, and left with a possible broken nose.

At one point in the scuffle, Clackamas County deputies say the suspect was trying to stab the car’s owner with a screwdriver. The car owner did not let that deter him.

“He choked him out,” Cropper said. “Until he almost passed out, then threw him onto the asphalt. Unfortunately, the suspect suffered a broken, bloody nose, and there was blood everywhere.”

For fear he may catch something from the blood now going everywhere, Cropper says the car owner stepped away.

“He ended up having to let the guy go because there wasn’t any way to restrain him, he didn’t have any handcuffs or anything like that," Cropper said. "He couldn’t dial his phone at the same time, so unfortunately, the guy got away."

Clackamas County deputies are looking for that man. They say he is white and stands about 5-feet-5-inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds. Deputies say the suspect was wearing a black hat, black leather jacket and blue jeans, and likely has a broken nose.

Anyone with information should contact the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

Superior Soobie and Import is offering a $500 cash reward for information that leads to an arrest. Cropper says they are fixing all the damage done to the three cars in their lot and are upgrading their security systems. They had just put in security cameras in the days prior.

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(4) comments


The minute the guy tried to stab him with the screwdriver is when he should have been shot.


A broken neck is more fitting than a broken nose.

Frederick Fukov

The broken nose and whatever other injuries he sustained, while likely having to change his shorts after having a gun pointed at him, is far more punishment than the court system would have given him.


" the suspect was wearing a black hat, black leather jacket and blue jeans, and likely has a broken nose."

That's great!

Next time I go car shopping, I'll stop by Superior Soobie and Import .

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