Neighbors in Salem are fed up after they said for the third time this year, crooks targeted their small cul-de-sac. But this time, they said it was caught on camera.

“The quad was right here on a trailer,” Kerry Forgue said.

Forgue said she’s unfortunately used to things going missing from outside her Salem home.

“My husband woke me up first thing this morning to tell me that our three wheeler was missing,” Forgue said. “The trailer was gone.”

Also gone, Forgue said tools from the back of her husband’s truck.

“It just like it makes you mad and you feel violated,” she said.

Forgue said she wasn’t the only victim though. She said at least two of her neighbors’ cars were broken into.

“They have stereos missing and paperwork and documents,” she said.

Forgue said her tiny cul-de-sac has been hit by thieves before and once even vandalized.

“There was another time someone came in slashed tires, slashed my husband’s tires,” she said.

But thanks to a neighbor’s surveillance camera, the thieves were caught on video.

The video first shows a car circle around the cul-de-sac. Next, a person is seen walking up the driveway and looking inside the neighbor’s truck.

But the thief eventually decides to break into the neighbor’s car instead. An accomplice joins him.

At one point the video shows on of the thieves walk around to the driver’s side door and pop the trunk. As he walks towards the trunk, he takes a good hard look at the camera recording him. He then walks up towards it, before they both take off.

“It’s hard to describe how you feel, especially when you just went through it and you just replaced everything and then they come back and take even more,” Forgue said.

Neighbors said the thieves took their time and were there for about an hour.

If you have any information, contact Salem Police.

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