Thieves caught on camera stealing items from porch in NE Portland


Two thieves were caught on camera creeping onto a porch and leaving with items that aren’t theirs.

The incident occurred last week in Portland’s Piedmont neighborhood.

Dwight Palmer said he first noticed his daughter’s skateboard was missing, and then the cushion off a chair on his porch.

He went back to review this surveillance video and caught the culprits red-handed off Northeast Garfield Avenue.

“I was kind of angry, because feeling vulnerable, feeling violated that someone could just walk up to your porch and take your belongings,” he said.

Hoping for some help, Palmer said he shared the video on the Nextdoor app.

“Once I posted it, neighbors started watching it – the video – and some neighbors recognized the guy,” Palmer said.

Portland police confirmed the surveillance footage helped them identify at least one of the suspects.

Officers say they are now turning the case over to the Multnomah County District Attorney.

For Palmer, he says it's about more than petty theft.

“It's not really about the pillows, it's about the mindset of people and where will they stop at?” Palmer said. “The next time, will they go a few more feet and open the door?”

Now, he is hoping justice will be served and that this case sends a strong message: the neighborhood is watching.

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