Two Silverton businesses are hoping for answers after both stores were burglarized in a span of eight hours.

Police haven't said if the thefts are connected, but at least one of the stores, a local pharmacy, says it’s been hit before and it’s not going to take any additional chances.

Pill Box Manager Amber Grant plans to install security bars on all of her building's windows after a thief made off with a basket full of drugs, including cough syrup and codeine, in the evening April 18.

"People just want their drugs," Grant, who’s worked at the pharmacy for 30 years, said. "They'll do anything for them."

Grant shared security video with FOX 12 that shows the thief mid-theft.

“He walks in the pharmacy as if he owns the place," Grant said. "He knows right where he's going, he heads right back to what he's looking for."

Grant says she believes the opioid epidemic is making people desperate for drugs. Five years ago, she installed security bars across her drive-up window after a break-in.

Before this week's theft, Grant says the most recent break-in occurred six months ago. She says the thief also stole codeine and cough syrup and believes the person likely had the same motive.

She hopes to avoid yet another break-in with additional store changes.

'We've changed where we're putting things, we've changed the way we're protecting our narcotics, we've changed our windows," Grant said.

The Pill Box will be the first and only business in Silverton to have bars across all of its windows, a title Grant wishes she didn't have to hold.

"We've lost our little town feel when we have to put a bar on every single window in our business," Grant said.

Silver Falls Brewery Ale House's owner says he was hit just hours after the break-in at Pill Box.

The pub is just down the road from Pill Box.

Owner Eric Druliner says the thief stole his dirty rags and a propane tank from outside his establishment.

"You know if he's really desperate enough to take our dirty rags from the bar, he's got more problems," Druliner said.

Druliner says he finds it odd that the theft at his pub happened just hours after the theft at Pill Box.

“It was definitely a night of rummaging around the downtown area stealing stuff,” Druliner said.

Silverton police say they are actively investigating both cases but can't discuss details or confirm any suspected connections between the two break-ins.

Grant says she hopes to have the bars at the pharmacy installed within a week.

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