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VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) - Police in Vancouver are working to figure out who stole a bunch of bikes Tuesday morning from a trailer off 192nd avenue.

Waste Connections of Washington raised more than $55,000 dollars to buy brand new bikes and helmets for kids in Clark County this Christmas. The effort is part of their Scott Campbell Christmas Promise.

“This is our 8th year of raising money and building bikes for the community, for the children throughout Clark County.” Cyndi Holloway with Waste Connections of Washington said.

The group raised enough to buy some 700 news bikes and helmets. They were set to assemble to bikes this Saturday, they would then be distributed to community groups who help families for the holidays.

“There are little kids throughout Clark County, through different nonprofits organizations that are counting on these bikes,” Holloway said.

But Tuesday morning someone broke into the trailer in the Walmart loading dock area and stole a bunch of bikes and helmets.

Vancouver Police said around 4 a.m. Tuesday a street sweeper operator in the area interrupted the theft and contacted Walmart employees. They said there were two people who parked a dark colored vehicle near the semi. Police can’t say quite yet how much stuff was taken as Walmart works to take inventory of the trailer.

“Heartbreaking to be honest,” Holloway said. “It was heart breaking to say the least, I think it is more heartbreaking that you are taking from the kids.”

The company is hoping to get things that were stolen replaced by Christmas. Holloway said they were working with Walmart, the company they bought the bikes and helmets from, to get things replaced.

“The helmets are really hard to get, it takes us like three weeks to order them, the bikes that were mostly taken were the smaller bikes so yeah and these bikes are already accounted for,” Holloway said.

Holloway said this Saturday volunteers will put the remaining bikes together.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact Vancouver Police.

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