PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A new recording studio that was just about to open in Portland is now out $70,000 worth of equipment after thieves broke into Flora Recording and Playback, stealing several microphones, amplifiers and instruments.

For Laura Veirs and her husband Tucker Martine, music is life.

Veirs is a singer and songwriter, while Martine is a producer, engineer and a drummer.

For 20 years, they've produced records together.

Martine, who’s Grammy-nominated, worked on several albums with the Decemberists and other bands. This is his fifth recording studio. 

“First one started out in his basement in Seattle, then it was another basement in Seattle, then it was another basement in Portland,” Veirs said.

Martine operated another studio out of their home before deciding to open Flora Recording and Playback.

It’s been under construction for about a year.

Just as the studio was about to open, on the night of March 14, someone broke into the studio.

“The thieves stole, came in and quickly took a bunch of very expensive microphones, guitars, amps,” she said.

“He spent 30 years building up these things. Like his first job was at a bar in Seattle and he saved enough to buy this tiny little microphone and then started recording bands and it's just like, bit by bit, he's built this business,” she added.

Veirs said the theft makes it even more difficult during a time when the music industry is working on smaller budgets.

She says it's risky to open a studio when there's competition from music streaming.

But with the help of the community, in less than a day, a GoFundMe page started by one of the Decemberists raised thousands of dollars to help support the studio.

The studio’s already been able to recover several guitars as well.

The support is striking an emotional chord for the couple who are witnessing the harmony of a community stepping up to help their studio. 

“We put our faith in the fact that we've been able to do this so far for 25 years and hope that we will be able to continue to do it, you know, it's hard being a musician but it's also like I said before, it's a gift to be a musician and to be surrounded by the community who believes in what we're doing,” Veirs said.

The Decemberists are planning a benefit concert for the couple in June.

A list of stolen items can be found here:


  • Neumann U67 Serial #4196 with Klaus Heyne mod #1200
  • Power supply for above microphone is serial #11173
  • Neumann U67 Serial#1531 with Klaus Heyne mod #1196
  • Power supply for above microphone is serial #11322
  • Wunder Audio CM7-GT with M7 capsule and pelican case. Serial# 117.
  • Mojave MA-1000 Serial# 100088


  • Gibson J45-TV acoustic guitar Serial# 11953011.
  • Gibson B25 12 string acoustic guitar serial# 515105.
  • Hofner 1967 viola bass - these don’t have serial numbers.
  • Jerry Jones baritone guitar - sea foam green - these don’t have serial numbers.
  • Gretsch Chet Atkins signature - Serial# JT14093574.
  • Silvertone brown electric guitar - These don’t have serial numbers
  • Fender Telecaster American Vintage Wildwood Thin Skin 1952 reissue 2016. Serial# V1632473
  • Gibson ES-125 - No Serial number .
  • Fender Mustang Bass 1970’s black serial# 642643

Guitar Amplifiers:

  • Fender Deluxe Reverb blackface: Serial# A 06978.
  • Vox AC30 - No serial number
  • Peavey Classic chorus 212 amp. Serial# BA-03695777

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