PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Opposing groups gathered in downtown Portland on Saturday, leading to marches, violence, a large police presence and the closure of Pioneer Courthouse Square. 

Police said three people were arrested in connection with the demonstrations that lasted for hours Saturday, with more arrests possible. 

The arrested suspects were identified as:

  • Gage Halupowski, 23, on charges of second-degree assault and assault on a public safety officer.
  • James K. Stocks, 21, on the charge of harassment.
  • Maria C. Dehart, 23, on the charge of second-degree disorderly conduct and harassment.

By 1 p.m., dozens of people arrived at Pioneer Courthouse Square as part of a “Him Too” rally.

Opposing groups, including Rose City Antifa and the Democratic Socialists of America of Portland, also gathered in downtown as part of a planned counter-protest.

The Portland Police Bureau notified the public about the planned demonstrations, but noted there were no permits issued for marches. 

Shortly after 1 p.m., the counter-protesters began marching and chanting in the streets. Police warned that people would be arrested for not following their commands.

By 1:30 p.m., police reported seeing "violent activity." Marchers were advised to return to Lownsdale Square. 

The group eventually convened at Waterfront Park, before marching again into the streets. 

As the march continued, police were seen surrounding Pioneer Square in an effort to prevent a clash between the opposing groups. 

Police said officers had been hit with eggs and milkshakes. They also reported that "violent assaults" had taken place. Police said there were reports of pepper spray and bear spray used by people in the crowd.

After the groups seemed to briefly disperse by 3 p.m., police were seen again working to separate protesters at Pioneer Square. The Portland Police Bureau then announced Pioneer Square was shut down and everyone on the property was ordered to leave.  

The situation was called an “unlawful assembly and civil disturbance” by police. Anyone who did not leave was “subject to arrest or use of force.”

The bulk of the demonstrators appeared to soon disperse, however tensions continued to be evident between remaining protesters and police near Pioneer Square at around 4 p.m.

Police deployed pepper spray and several people were seen being taken into custody with their hands zip-tied by officers.

Police said they learned that milkshakes thrown during the protests contained quick-drying cement. 

Portland Fire & Rescue medics were embedded with police to provide fast medical assistance, as needed. The medics treated eight people, including three police officers.

Three people were treated at area hospitals after being assaulted with weapons.

Two officers were hit with pepper spray and received treatment. Another officer was punched in the arm by a demonstrator. An additional officer received a minor head injury from a projectile.

Victims of a crime during these protest events are encouraged to file a police report by contacting non-emergency dispatch at 503-823-3333.

Police said they are aware of crimes that were recorded and broadcast by some media outlets. Investigators said they will be following up on those cases and more arrests are possible.

Roads were blocked and TriMet reported delays for all lines through the Portland City Center due to protest activity.

Nearly one year ago to the day, dueling protests in downtown Portland led police to declare that situation a riot.

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(9) comments

Elliott Reed

Strange that Audrey Weil missed the Brian Ngo attack. Its almost like fake news by KPTV. AP has the story, but KPTV like other media in Portland purposely ignores the attack on a journalist and Ted Cruz calling for an investigation into Mayor Ted Wheeler and the US German Ambassador expressing his concern about Ngo. If Audrey Weil would have been attacked, I'm sure KPTV would have made it a news story.


Of which group(s) were those arrested?


These demonstrations are absurd. The right wingers are few in number, and, if just ignored by the passersby, they would eventually get the message no one cares about them and would go home. But, NO! Out come a big bunch of egotists who think they have the right to start fights and riots, tying up the streets and costing the City thousands for police overtime to control the "protest." Stop pretending that you are doing something useful, noble, patriotic. Stop placing you desires to express anger above the interests of the peaceful citizens of the town. Get over the fact you do not have the ability to do anything about the fascist imbeciles. They actually "win" because you give them attention and increase their visibility they otherwise would not have. It is why they keep coming back; they know your vulnerabilities and are egging you on. You are doing exactly what they want you to do. Go away.


Should have let both groups kill each other, and call it a good day.

kyle H

Yeah, that is the state of affairs in Oregon. A clearly, well established and highly regarded, intentionally created conflict orchestrated by members of the legislative body, who consciously decided it favorable to create a conflict between the Constitution of our state and any legislative acts which might be undertaken thru passage by that minimal body, should they so desire. In every state in this country, the Constitution is the highest authority, without exception. Period! In Oregon however, due to the wording some moronic legislator chose to create wording which creates a certain degree of ambiguity which has resulted in a wide ranging number of injuries amongst the citizens of this state who cannot be made whole again until someone can introduce language which can overcome the conflict.

David Oregon

What were they protesting against or for, it doesn't say?


Send in the Clowns...


Police warned of a possible arrest for the non-compliance to orders?. But no warning of a possible arrest for intentionally or recklessly disrupting other people's assemblies, nor any attempt thereof? Well, I guess it would be more akin to lunacy then reasonable thinking, to expect much better out of people whose constitution has an "(amended ) Article VII Judicial branch and an (original) Article VII in their State's Constitution. Gees Y'all? Part of the Organy Constitution reads as follows: Note: Original Article VII, compiled below, has been supplanted in part by amended Article VII and in part by statutes enacted by the Legislative Assembly.


Police warned of a possible arrest for the passive non-compliance of and order. But no warning of a possible arrest for intentionally or recklessly disrupting other people's assemblies or the attampt thereof?

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