Throwing mix of horse lubricant, glitter at Portland police lands two men in jail

Jail booking photos of Tristan Romine-Mann and Robert Majure, on left. Evidence photos at center and right of horse lubricant and glitter mixture, from the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office. (KPTV)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Two demonstrators who threw a mix of horse lubricant and glitter at officers in downtown Portland have been sentenced to five days in jail and ordered to perform community service, according to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

A jury convicted Robert Majure, 28, and Tristan Romine-Mann, 29, on two counts of harassment Wednesday. They were sentenced Friday. 

The investigation began Aug. 4, 2018, during a Patriot Prayer rally and counter-demonstration in downtown Portland.

A witness approached Portland officers and said counter-demonstrators had four five-gallon buckets filled with an unknown liquid, along with water guns strapped to their backs.

The officers approached Majure and Romine-Mann and asked them to remove the lids to the buckets.

The officers reported seeing a slimy substance in the buckets and asked the suspects to dump them out.

Investigators said Majure and Romine-Mann instead threw the liquid onto the officers. They then ran away.

“For the officers, who had just been covered in a substance they didn't recognize, it was a violent and dangerous situation. It was terrifying for them because they did not know if the liquid was going to hurt them,” said Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Kate Williams, who prosecuted this case.

It was later determined that the substance was horse lubricant mixed with glitter, according to the district attorney’s office.

The suspects were taken into custody a short time later.

While inside a patrol vehicle, both men attempted to fist bump, according to evidence presented at trial.

The jury acquitted both Majure and Romine-Mann on one additional count of disorderly conduct, while Majure was also acquitted on one count of resisting arrest.

Along with five days in jail, both men were ordered to complete 32 hours of community service and serve 18 months of bench probation. Restitution for the city over the damaged police uniforms will be determined at a later date.

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(5) comments

kyle H

Yeah. The Multnomah County DA dropped the ball here (they do that alot lately). These two came to that "event" intending to create Mayhem, and should have been charged accordingly. They attacked police in effort to create chaos and confusion at what they planned to become a violent and destructive confrontation between two groups who were well known to become violent at drop of a hat during face to face - or face to back, really - encounters. The five day sentence is less then a deterrent to future activities if this nature. It is actually an encouragement for others to do similar behavior in fiture, recognizing that the risk they face is a minimal vacation of a couple days in jail. Where is the accountability. Where is the official Obligation to seek to protect the residents of this county from these idiot "protesters" who's only real goal is to wreck havoc and destroy quality of life for everyone in this county? The voters CAN hold someone accountable for these failures by our "trusted" officials in pursuing the public interests. The DA and the Judge are elected positions. They were voted into office. We, the people, can vote them out.


Do you notice how this is carefully worded so that it appears to be the prayer group that is responsible for this !! It should have read counter protesters at the prayer group protest where convicted !!

Double lung em

Horse lube? good lord

Double lung em

They're not demonstrators!! the are lawless punks that should spend far more than five days in jail. Antifa degenerates . they think they are Anti- fascists, when they are promoting fascism.


They should have gotten a lot more than that! What jury would ever acquit them of ANY of those charges. If they would do that to the police, imagine what they'd do to somebody that just disagreed with them. Next time it might even be a more nefarious liquid. Enough is enough.

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