Timbers help clean up Portland park during Stand Together Week


Saturday was the last day of Stand Together Week, where Portland Timbers and Thorns players team up with volunteers to do great things around the city.

Saturday it was all about cleaning up a special Portland playground.

A group of people gathered at the playground at Arbor Park Saturday, including retired Timbers' player Jack Jewsbury, Timbers' coaches, and Timber Joey.

“I’m going to be picking weeds,” said Jack Jewsbury. “It sounds like there’s quite a few, but we got a big space to take care of.”

This is all part of the 6th annual Stand Together Week, an initiative where players, coaches, and volunteers get together and give back to the community.

“It’s incredible,” said Jewsbury. “All week it has been amazing to see all the people show up.”

But this isn’t just any playground they’re cleaning up, it’s Harper’s Playground.

“This playground is the first universal accessible and what we call inclusive playground in the city of Portland,” said Cody Goldberg. “It was built five years ago and now we’re building several other in the city and beyond.”

Cody Goldberg is Harper’s dad. He said doctors told him Harper would never walk or talk, but by the age of four, she was using a walker. Goldberg said the walker wasn’t made for their neighborhood park though.

“The story is just walking through the park, noticing there was a problem, having a bake sale, raising a million bucks, and building a playground,” said Goldberg.

Goldberg said the community came together to help raise the money, including the Timbers organization.

“Both the Timbers and the Timbers Army united in a really special way to help fund the park and to help us navigate by gaining more community support to help spread the word.”

The Timbers and the community were there to help again on Saturday, by making sure the playground is welcoming for every kid.

“It’s incredibly meaningful, I love the team,” said Goldberg. “I love their support for the entire community and we’ll take the love to too.”

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