Medical examiner confirms murder-suicide involving woman, estranged husband in Vancouver

Photo of Tiffany Hill at vigil in Vancouver on Sunday night. (KPTV) 

CLARK COUNTY, WA (KPTV) – The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has released a timeline leading up to a murder-suicide involving a woman and her estranged husband in Vancouver.

Tiffany Hill, 35, of Vancouver, was shot in the chest Nov. 26 in the parking lot of Sarah J. Anderson Elementary School. Investigators said three kids were in the car at the time of the shooting.

Hill’s estranged husband, Keland Hill, led law enforcement on a short chase after the shooting and later killed himself.

Court records show a history of domestic violence by Keland Hill toward Tiffany Hill, including a restraining order granted in October, with Tiffany writing, “I fear for my life. He continues to violate the no contact order and I know he is getting angrier.”

The timeline released by the sheriff’s office details the domestic violence, dating back to Sept. 11, when Tiffany said her husband had pushed her into a wall and had tried to stop her from calling 911. Keland was arrested, released on bail the next day, and served a domestic violence no contact order.

On Oct. 6, Keland tried to buy a rife from a Walmart store in Multnomah County, but was denied during the background check due to the domestic violence protection order, the sheriff’s office says.

About a month later, deputies found a GPS tracker on Tiffany’s car after she reported seeing Keland at several locations. Deputies arrested Keland and seized his two cell phones and his car as evidence.

On Nov. 14, Keland’s bail was raised to $250,000 after detectives placed Tiffany in the extreme risk category after she visited the Domestic Violence Prosecution Center and took a danger assessment test.

While at the center, Tiffany said she had received another text message from Keland. Keland’s bail, which was originally $75,000, was raised to $250,000 due to extreme risk to Tiffany, the sheriff’s office says. The Clark County Domestic Violence Prosecutor’s Office requested that Keland’s bail be raised to $2 million.

Keland on Nov. 21 was released from jail and, five days later, shot Tiffany and her mother in the parking lot of Sarah J. Anderson Elementary School. Tiffany’s mother was hurt but survived, according to deputies. The kids inside the car were not hurt.

Keland led law enforcement on a short chase before stopping near Northeast Padden Parkway and Andresen Road and shooting himself, deputies said.

The medical examiner ruled his manner of death to be suicide.


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(5) comments


This is the EXACT reason a person being abused doesn’t “just leave.” They are (exponentially) more likely to be killed when they do.


How and where did this bad actor get a gun and why didn't the judge raise the bail as it was asked for? He should never have been released, this judge failed the community.I'm a voter and I want to know who this judge is!


So much for background checks keeping guns out of the hands of "the wrong people." By attempting to buy a firearm, the killer was in violation of federal law .

He should have been arrested and incarcerated. Instead, he ignored the court order and murdered his estranged wife. In front of her mother and children. Background checks don't stop criminals.


Yup,truth right there and neither will gun bans.


No one has suggested banning guns. But it should be harder to obtain a gun....clearly it was as easy for him.

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