PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – With school starting online for so many people in Portland metro area this year, a lot of parents are figuring how to balance work with their child’s school schedule.

The Kolenda’s family home looks like many around the country as school starts to resume. It’s where the parents are working and where the kids are schooling.

“It’s easy to get frustrated,” Ben Kolenda, father of two, said.

Ben Kolenda says he’s also working on his dissertation, but is trying to look at the bright side.

Tips for parents trying to balance working from home with online learning for kids

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“I understand that I’m one of the, we can say lucky ones, I suppose,where I am home and can watch them, supervise the children while they’re doing their schoolwork,” Ben said.

Dana Look-Arimoto runs an executive coaching firm helping business leaders and their employees be more effective. She says this is the time for working parents to cut back on distractions like social media.

“Cut out an hour or two of things that don’t really work, that aren’t productive, valuable, joyful for you, and then repurpose that time into something that does work,” Look-Arimoto said.

She says one way employees can show their boss they’re making it work is to lean on each other.

“Offer to a colleague, ‘Here’s what I might do for you,’ or ask a colleague, ‘Could you just take this like, Wednesday afternoon meeting and take notes and prep me after? I really need to focus on my kids’ homework,’” Look-Arimoto said.

The executive coach says parents can do trade-offs with neighbors. She advises parents to communicate with each other and ask each other for help.

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