PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland Police Bureau is racking up a lot of hours as protests continue in Portland, costing the city million in overtime.

According to law enforcement, the total overtime costs through July 22, the end of the last pay period, is almost $5.4 million. On top of that, accrued comp time will cost around $1.2 million, according to officials.

These number account only for overtime, according to officials, so normal salaries and other costs are not factored into these figures.

During protests on Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, two people were arrested, according to police. The night began with several hundred people gathered along Southwest 3rd Avenue near the federal courthouse, with many in the crowd blocking traffic in the area for several hours.


KPTV image.

Police said several items were recovered from Chatman Square and Lownsdale Square, including a pipe, a chain with a lock, and a sledgehammer; other items seized included leaf blowers, helmets, body armor, and shield. Police said there was also a large amount of trash littered across the parks.

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(12) comments

Alexander Marinesko

Best democratic mayor and town council money can buy! More and more money, portland tax payers must be so proud!!!

Frederick Fukov


In an exclusive interview with FOX-12, Del Preston outlines his plan for dealing with the Portland rioters:

Del Preston: "All right ladies and gentlemen, it takes two people to handle a riot in downtown Portland. One out front, and one in the Federal Courthouse. Wayne, you will handle the inside of the Federal Courthouse. Milton, you will be my laison between Wayne's team in the courthouse, and Garth's team out front, which includes myself by the barrier. To the left and right of the courthouse are machine gun pill boxes. M-60 Browning. Now these babies tend to really heat up, so shoot in 3 second bursts. In the event the rioters break through the barriers, I will distribute these cyanide capsules that go under the tongue like so. Any questions?

Garth: "Uhh..yeah..when did you turn into a nutbar?"


Just raise taxes that fixes everythinng!


It's pretty much all funny money now, anyway. Won't be long until we'll be paying $5.00 for a gallon of milk.

Frederick Fukov

Gosh, what are Jo Ann's thoughts? I'd like to hear from the only mummified city commissioner.


LOL, The radicals want to defund the Police but in reality, put more money in their pockets. Now it's time to raise TAXES on the bulk of tri-met war zone communities to pay for the few local terrorist and rioters violent and destructive governor and mayor approved actions.


Why are we paying overtime for these little non-Violent Protests? Since they are not doing anything in Potland why overtime? The Nice Antfica will take care of them selves. Soros and Bill Ghates pay them well!


Is this how the protesters and rioters de-fund the police?

Mr Q

Gotta love it ..... the Citizens of Portland will be paying even more taxes now as Violent crime continues to rise


Just raise taxes!


Oh, that's coming for sure! What happens when the wage earners flee the Metro area? Now with telecommuting options, watch the tax base erode from Multco.

Facts Matter

We become Detroit.

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