HOOD RIVER, OR (KPTV) - As school districts around Oregon continue to prepare for the possibility of opening back up to in-person classes, they have to make tough decisions along the way.

The Hood River School District is in a position where state metrics allow for some students to return to classrooms, but the district will wait until at least Nov. 5 to do so.

"I think we would look at our K-5 as a priority to return to school and think about how we would phase in the upper grades afterwards," Superintendent Rich Polkinghorn said.

The district is currently reviewing its initial blueprint for re-entry with an eye toward how best to meet physical distancing requirements.

"We had all of our classrooms measured this summer," Polkinghorn said. "It was looking like 17 or 16 students per class could potentially fit, but then when you go out and actually walk in those spaces and take a look at how you would fit 17 students in a classroom six feet apart from each other, it's really hard to envision that."

Polkinghorn said he understands parents' desire to get their kids back in class but said the district must first be assured a return to class can be done safely.

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(5) comments

PDX is a warzone

There is no choice. Stop the Chinese virus fear mongering and OPEN SCHOOLS! The children are paying for the political games the democRATS are playing. Scarring America in their hatred for President Trump and their lust for power.


Ohhh the fear for Teachers and staff who might have toi actually do what they get paid to do.... This virus has done but cripple America for the Democrats liken! Making Americans uncomfortable so they can blame Trump, now there is a party I want to back! NOT!

Tom Paine_76

Tough choices for rational people. Some commenters are willing to write off over 1,300,000 peoples lives, that's .4% of the country's population. This virus has killed many people from all demographics and is spread through the air. We still have a lot to learn about how it works. I'm all for returning to school, if it is done carefully and rationally. An individual does not have any right to put other people in danger.


Other than complications due to the politically motivated fear mongering the decisions are really quite simple. The facts show that those under 75 and those without serious health issues are not at serious risk from contracting the virus. As our society treats all other viruses and sicknesses, only those individuals who are most vulnerable need take special precautions. Given this time proven approach, how is it that we cannot all go on with our lives? No, it is irresponsible and cruel to punish more than 98% of the population thinking it is protecting the 0.4% who might die if they contract the virus. The government's job is to protect our freedoms. It is each individual's job to protect their own health.


'Tough choices for Oregon school districts preparing for possibility of in-person classes' Not a tough choice at all. Open up the schools!

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