PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Although health experts are warning people not to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, many are still planning to take to the skies. 

AAA estimates that about two-and-a-half million people will fly for the holiday this year. That number is significantly lower than years past and could be the largest one year drop on record. 

Brandon Ceniceros is traveling to Dallas and said he felt safe enough to travel. He did not get a COVID-19 test or quarantine beforehand.

“Nah, just brought my mask and that should do it,” Ceniceros said.

Sammi and her daughter, Brownie, said they had to get tested because some states now require a negative test result upon entry.

“The government, Alaska asks for the test and the test is safe for everyone,” Sammi said.

Dylan Leary just arrived in Portland from Montana. He said he self quarantined before coming to Oregon.

“I don’t wanna catch it or give it to people at my job or give it to my dad because he’s kind of at risk but it felt pretty safe,” Leary said.

Leary did not get a COVID 19 test because he didn’t think it was necessary.

“There’s not a lot of cases where I’m from anyways and I haven’t been exposed at all,” Leary said.

He said airports feel safer than a lot of other places.

“It feels cleaner here than at a store or anything like that,” Leary said.

Travelers take to the skies despite warning from health officials

KPTV image. 


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Nice to know that some people aren't locking themselves inside and getting on with their lives.

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