Trial for 2014 murder case pushed back to June following release of new evidence

Jaime Tinoco during previous court appearance (KPTV file image)

A judge in Hillsboro has pushed back the start of the trial for a 2014 killing until June after new evidence was released by investigators earlier this week.

Prosecutors say Jaime Tinoco of Portland stabbed and killed Nicole Laube and that they have evidence to prove it in the form of a taped confession.

Prosecutors hoped that evidence would lead to an open-and-shut case but instead faced an unexpected challenge Tuesday morning, though, with the revelation that some evidence gathered by investigators had not been submitted to prosecutors until Sunday and defense attorneys until Monday.

Both sides questioned why the more than 300 pages of materials, mostly tip sheets gathered during the early stages of the investigation, were not provided to either the state or defense.

Attorneys for Tinoco asked Judge Kirsten E. Thompson for at least one month but preferably two or three months to review the material.

Tuesday afternoon Thompson ruled that the case would be reset, with a new jury being chosen in May and the trial not kicking off again until June 6.

Nicole's husband Chris says he got up Tuesday morning with a rush of adrenaline and nerves he never felt before, and to him, that was a good thing. But once he stepped foot in court, things changed.

"I think it started yesterday was really the first time that it hit, tomorrow is the day the end will be in sight and then you get up this morning and it's more nervous energy," said Chris Laube.

The ruling, although it was hard to hear for Chris Laube and his family, made them think differently about the matter.

"I'd rather have it delayed and not have it overturned in appeal's then to rush through something now and it have that possibility," said Chris Laube.

Nicole Laube's family released a statement Tuesday evening about the decision. We certainly respect the work the DA's office is doing and at the same time understand the defense has the right to review this material. We want them to have the opportunity to do so, because we don't want there to be any issues on appeal. We are disappointed and we would very much like to have this behind us, but at the same time we want to have it done right.The video of the confession was shown in preparation for the trial, and investigators say it shows Tinoco confess to the stabbing.

Last month, his attorneys tried to get the judge to throw out the video as evidence for trial, but the judge ruled it can be used.

Investigators say Tinoco was 17 when he stabbed and killed Laube in August of 2014 at the Cedar Mill Apartments where she worked.

Police didn’t put the pieces together until a month later, though, when Tinoco raped a woman in Eugene while attending an Oregon Ducks football game under the supervision of the Washington County Juvenile Department.

After the rape conviction, investigators say Tinoco confessed to killing Laube.

In 2015, Tinoco was sentenced to 14 years in prison for that rape. He’ll likely face life in prison if convicted of murder.

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