TriMet considering lengthier public transportation ban for offenders


TriMet is asking MAX riders once again to get to their stops early for their commute this week.

Portland Public Schools will begin classes Monday meaning more people will be riding the trains.

"We want everyone to plan at least 30 to 45 minutes extra for there trips this coming week," Roberta Altstadt said.

TriMet is working on a major construction project in the Rose Quarter to replace track and upgrade switches. The transportation agency has rerouted trains and is using shuttle buses to get around the construction.

Daniel Ellis says the last week wasn't too bad as far as the trains being packed with people. He and his family depend on the MAX for transportation as they don't own a car.

"The disruption is a natural course of doing construction work and you have to deal with it," Ellis said.

He adds they're excited for when the project will be complete.

"I'd rather deal with a faster MAX line then a slower line and just deal with the crowding now and the disruption to my schedule if if it makes it so I can get to work faster or get home faster at the end of the day," Ellis said.

On Sunday several families were out riding the trains trying figure out how the delays will impact their first day of school.

For more information visit TriMet's website.

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