TROUTDALE, OR (KPTV) – A truck filled with prizes and donations for a local charity was stolen in Troutdale on Saturday.

As Coffman Excavation was hosting a company party and gathering donations for a local charity, they never imagined a criminal would be taking the opportunity to strike.

Saturday morning, the company party took a turn that no one expected.

“I really am… I’m still kind of in shock over the whole thing,” said Scott Brawner, EHS safety manager with Coffman Excavation.

Friday night, the company was holding a raffle for employees to win items like a Traeger grill and flat screen TV. But not everyone could take their prizes that night.

“What people couldn’t take home, we loaded in the back of my pickup truck since we could lock in the canopy, along with the donations,” Brawner said.

Those donations were barrels of socks for a local charity called Bloomin’ Boutique. It was also packed with backpacks and hats to be given to employees as a gift.

It was all loaded into Brawner’s personal Ford F-250, which is painted to look like a fire truck.

“This has been my personal truck for over 20 years. I drove it every day to the fire station when I was a firefighter for TVF&R and I was planning on handing it down to my son who is testing to be a firefighter paramedic right now,” he said.

Brawner parked his truck in the Edgefield McMenamins hotel parking lot.

“It was in a lighted parking lot where the cameras were,” he said.

But when Brawner came out in the morning, it was gone.

“I was sick, you know. I just couldn’t believe that somebody would be so brazen to steal. I suppose they didn’t know it was donations, but a pickup truck full of somebody’s personal belongings,” he said.

Bloomin’ Boutique, a previous recipient of FOX 12’s “Be the Change” Award, uses the socks for foster and underprivileged children.

But they say the tragedy isn’t just the stolen donations.

“We can get the socks. We know we’ll get the support of getting the socks, but to us right now, it’s about the truck,” said Bloomin’ Boutique Executive Director Patti Serres.

Brawner says he just hopes whoever took his truck will do the right thing and bring it all back.

“I just think it’s shameful that you would do that to somebody’s personal property,” he said.

If you know anything about the stolen truck, please call the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

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