Demonstrations in Portland expected Saturday

Saturday morning in downtown Portland (KPTV) 

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - President Donald Trump tweeted that “Portland is being watched very closely” on a day of expected demonstrations in downtown.

Police and city leaders have been preparing for Saturday’s rallies and protests for weeks.

Opposing groups are expected to gather between Southwest Salmon Street and Morrison Street at Waterfront Park.

Officials closed the Hawthorne Bridge early Saturday morning and preemptively shut down some downtown roads. The Portland Bureau of Transportation set up concrete barriers along the waterfront in an effort to keep opposing groups apart.

Portland police said they have called in assistance from other local, state and federal agencies in case the demonstrations lead to violence.

Trump singled out Antifa in his tweet Saturday morning and said, “Hopefully the mayor will be able to properly do his job!”

Mayor Ted Wheeler has been outspoken in the weeks leading up to Saturday, saying anyone planning to incite violence is not welcome.

Multiple business owners told FOX 12 they planned to stay closed Saturday or open late due to the demonstrations.


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(4) comments


All idiots you are to believe the media hype of destruction and peril down here... Thanks for scaring away all my business you morons!!! Absolutely nothing going on down here as we speak .. Whenever you see violence it's about 20 to 40 that cause the issues and all the rest protest in peace... You have all been duped to believe the media and the dumba$$ president in the White House!!!!!


There should be an investigation into the protection afforded to ANTIFA by city officials over past 2 years and the leaking of information to ANTIFA from city hall. Answer me this I just watched live video of police apporaching obvious Trump suporters with back packs and they wanted to search the back packs, and in same frame ANTIFA walking by carrying night sticks and wearing body armor masks, and carrying gas mask, and they walked right by police???? How can a cpolice force and city allow mass numbers of people(ANTIFA) show up with covered faces, wearing body armor, knee pads, elbow pads, carrying shields, riot batons, OC Spray and homemade chemical weapons and believe they are there for a peaceful protest, How is this not inciting a riot. And yet the Mayor has no probelm on Thurdays night sending his goones out the try and arrest as many right wing supporters as possible?? The law should be enforced , no masks, no weapons to a protest.


Not waiting with bated breath for "hizzoner" to be effective[scared]

kyle H

Wheeler and his talking heads are all about the lop-sided liberal tilted Antifa cowards. All just a bunch of Mutts anyways.

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