HAPPY VALLEY, OR (KPTV) – From keeping stats on the Trail Blazers radio broadcasts to co-hosting The Fifth Quarter after games, Curtis Long has a day job too that has gone the way of the current virtual reality.

“I always tell people that I have the best job in the entire arena. Not only do I get to see the game at a great vantage point, but I get to listen to the great, great radio call by Travis Demers in my ears at the same time and Michael Holton right next to me,” Long said.

Long is the Trail Blazers Radio Network statistician and he’s also Principal Long.

“I am certainly missing the Blazer family, but I am trying to stay as connected as possible to my Scouters Mountain family,” he said.

The second-year principal at Scouters Mountain Elementary in the North Clackamas School District is trying to keep the Coyotes’ family as entertained as they can be in Happy Valley.

“Trying to bring smiles to the kids’ lives is part of my job and it’s kind of a drag when you are on a computer all day long when you don’t see your friends, but at least you can see your teacher sing and look foolish on the screen,” Long said.

Like and subscribe to this the principal is quite the performer playing out some 80’s and 90’s parodies like “Baby Got Math,” “Hold On, It’s Almost May” and “Device, Vice, Baby.”

“I am the lone lyricist. I find those out when everyone goes to bed. I count out the syllables on my fingers and make sure they all fit in there,” he said.

That’s the short and the Long of it.

“My 8th grade son does all of the shooting on the phone. My 6th grade son plays the music in the background so I can stay on the beat and then my senior in high school, he is pretty talented at putting in the auto-tune and things when I need those which is pretty awesome. Then my wife looks for all of the typos in the closed captioning which happens,” Long said.

And how much of an influence was Weird Al?

“Weird Al is a huge influence on me. Absolutely! I was a big fan of Eat It, and I Lost on Jeopardy. Big fan of mine, err, I am a big fan of his!” he said.

Mr. Long is just trying to make the best out of the situation we all are in.

“That is the biggest thing. When all of this went down, we lost our ability to connect with kids. We don’t see them every day. The daily hugs, the daily high-fives, that is what we really miss at schools across the state and across the country,” Long said.

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Frederick Fukov

Ok..with all the garbage going on in the world and locally..that's a cool story. Gotta give it up to the guy for staying positive..involving his family, and trying to brighten some days. Good Job Curt!

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