GRESHAM, OR (KPTV) - All lanes of westbound Interstate 84 were closed for several hours Tuesday morning following a deadly crash.

Just after 3:30 a.m., emergency crews responded to the report of a crash on I-84 at Northeast 181st Avenue.

Gresham police said the crash involved a car and a semi-truck. Two people inside the car were pronounced dead at the scene.

The semi-truck driver was not injured.

Police said excessive speed by the driver of the car appears to be a factor.

No further details have been released at this time.

Interstate 84 was closed from NE 181st Avenue to NE 122nd Avenue during the crash investigation. The roadway reopened just after 11 a.m.

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(7) comments

Cat Chase

First off. I would like give my condolences and deepest sympathy to their family and friends. And may they "REST IN PEACE"

My cousin was one of the cars involved in the wreck, Thank God, she wasn't hurt. The way she said it happened is; the two trucks were in the middle lane, she was in what they call the slow lane. The car the two that passed were in, blew past her and the trucks doing at least 100. A little further up the road the truck that was ahead of the other truck had let up on his gas as he must of seen the car. The truck behind him went around him in the left lane. Once in the left lane he(the 2nd truck) saw what the other driver had seen, which was the car wrecked, facing the median but across the lanes of traffic. They both hit their brakes but couldn't stop in time before the passing truck hit the car. In their attempt to stop they both jack knifed. And in a sweeping motion the trailer caught my cousins car on drivers side. The trailer caught her car and lifted her up on 2 wheels dragging her with its stopping with her passenger side up against the guardrail. She has got out to go check those in the car and her a loud sound looked back to see other cars hitting all the debris and jumped back in her car. Once she saw it was safe for her she got out to go check on the people in the car. About that time the ambulance arrived checked the car and told her she didn't want to go to the car. And they began checking all the other drivers.

Once again, my cousin and I are so sorry for their families and friends loss. Our hearts and prayers go out them. May God comfort them during this most difficult time. God Bless.


I was passing this accident just before it got really bad.When the first semi hit the center median. Something was in the middle of highway. The semi driver appeared to hit their brakes and swerve to avoid something in the road. I thought the truck was going to jump the center median. There was also a car behind this truck, they braked and then the hazard lights came on and they looked to stop because of the truck but also because something was in the road. A tanker truck was behind the car it also hit the brakes but was able to go around the car that was still in the middle of the highway. There was a semi and another car in the area, on the shoulder and the drive-side door on the car was open. I thought that was weird. As I continued East I noticed the other cars and semi-trucks heading west and I knew they weren't paying attention.


Semi trucks are driving too fast and they are getting away with it. The State could make a lot of money if they enforced the speed limits for trucks. Another thing ODOT did is raise the truck speed limit through the Gorge on I-84 which is terrible. The section between Portland and The Dalles should be a Safety Corridor which raises the penalty for speeding. Too many turns and bad weather conditions to justify the increased speed. Just like they made the decision to use corrosive Salt on our Oregon Highways when we have never used it ever. It ruins your car and really makes the roads worse along with killing vegetation and pollutes streams. Kate Browns best run ODOT. Same sort of tactics.


Please let us know who was involved in this accident. Someone I really love went missing last night, in a car with a friend and was expected to return to 127th and Stark early this morning. This is out of character for Evan.

Cat Chase

Has your friend come back yet? What kind of car did he leave in? We still haven't heard the peoples name. If you don't mind, what is Evan's last name. I too have a friend named Evan and haven't talked to him for a time. I hope it isn't him.

Frederick Fukov

"Police say speed must have been a factor."

Speed? one does speed any more. 3:30am? More likely it was meth.


They didn't mean speed as in drugs they meant how fast they were driving two peoples life's were lost have a little respect for them and there families for peet sake not everything has to be drug related or caused who knows of anything like maybe they were driving a little fast and its raining hmm. Could of Hydro planned from access water on the roads because I know I have Hydro planned and it ripped my car around so bad it scares me to death.... It very well could have been one of those type of things so have some class and respect for there life's that were lost today

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