Two large trees came down in Maywood Park overnight, narrowly missing several homes.

The Douglas Fir trees fell in the area of Northeast Failing Street at 102nd Avenue.

Homeowner Thomas Barrath said his wife was taking a shower Thursday night when suddenly the water shut off. Barrath went out to investigate and saw that one of the large trees in his yard was leaning.

Five minutes later, he heard a big crack come from the tree and saw it fall into another tree.

Barrath ran inside to get his wife and newborn baby out of the house.

"We got our newborn wrapped up. I got my ferrets caged up. The neighbors came out and helped us and evacuated the home," said Barrath. "My two neighbors down the street got them out of their homes."

Remarkably there were no reports of injuries when the trees came down and there was little damage done to the surrounding houses.

"It's miraculous that it came down that way," said neighbor Susan Hanset. "I have not broken windows, no cracked windows, no nothing."

Homeowners believe it was a combination of windy conditions and freezing rain that brought down the trees.

This story was corrected to show the trees came down in Maywood Park.

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