Tod Alan Barker

Tod Alan Barker, family photo provided by the Gresham Police Department. 

GRESHAM, OR (KPTV) - Two more boys were taken into custody in connection with a deadly attack in Gresham.

Investigators said Tod Alan Barker, 53, was walking on the 200 block of Northeast Roberts Avenue on Sept. 27 when he was attacked. Barker died from his injuries Oct. 9.

On Monday, a 16-year-old boy was arrested on charges of murder, assault, robbery and unlawful use of a weapon.

On Wednesday, Gresham detectives took a 15-year-old boy and his 11-year-old brother into custody in this case.

The two teen boys remain in custody, while the 11-year-old was released to his family, according to police. Police did not release possible charges for the 11-year-old and 15-year-old. 

Investigators believe they have contacted everyone involved in this case and are not looking for additional suspects.

The names of the suspects have not been released.

The Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Barker’s death a homicide. Investigators said it’s likely he did not know his attackers.

No further details have been released about the investigation.

Barker was a father of three, with twins on the way, as well as a grandfather, and a brother to four sisters.

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(11) comments

Frederick Fukov

I blame child molester Neil Goldschmidt. He's the one that pushed light rail on this city.


Gresham use to be so nice, then they spent 30 years building apartments instead of neighborhoods.

Eliza Cassan

11 year olds killing people, where were the parents? I'd never let a 11 year old out alone or even with friends without an adult. Where were the parents of all these kids? What the heck are they teaching them?


Between the internet, violent video games, incompetent teachers and parents who shouldn't be parents, what do you expect?


I don't know about you but I was younger than 11 when I knew right from wrong and that killing someone was not an option. Therefore, I really think the penalties for kids who do this should be much stiffer. The way it's being done doesn't seem to deter them so get them off the street and/or shake them into realizing what could happen to the knowledge they won't be able to freely live their lives and keep them from doing these diabolical things. The public MUST be protected. I'm not against counseling them, their mentality but they all need to know, before the fact, this is a serious crime for anyone to perpetrate at ANY AGE and will be punished severely! Just my humble opinion.

Roberto Estrello Demar

The concepts or existence of "right and wrong" presuppose an arbiter between them. They presuppose a Supreme Authority, someOne beyond ourselves, or God. None of this can be taught or even considered in our schools or public life because of the mental gymnastics of activist educators and lawyers who, in the end, find the very concept of a final, absolute Judgement to be too horrible for their psyche to acknowledge and face. That Evil should pervade our society, beginning with the teachers of our children, is not only predictable; it is, in fact, the inevitable outgrowth of the last half century of our social engineering. It is not our job to judge, but it is our job to discern, and it is our responsibility to teach. Regardless of political correctness or "sensitivity," we ask that old, old question 'Am I my brother's keeper?"

And the answer condemns us.

"Just the facts, Ma'am."


My heart goes out to the family of this man. I know nothing about the children who murdered him or their families but I sincerely hope that these boys will get the help they need even if it means they are incarcerated indefinitely. I hope their families are seeking help now - they are going to need it. Senseless, terrible, tragic.


They should be executed.

Frederick Fukov

No kidding, right along with all the rest of the remorseless kiIIers serving time at OSP. Seriously, what is it about liberal lawmakers and especially Governors like Kitzhaber and Brown, who arbitrarily ignore the will of the voters, the majority who voted in favor of capital punishment, only to have those sentences commuted by indignant, arrogant liberal governors? What is the point of keeping things alive, that will always pose a threat to the guards, to other prisoners, and to the rest of us if they ever escaped? It's just nonsense. When there is no doubt of their guilt, to not execute them is just absurd. I don't care if the kid is only 16. The only thing that matters, the only caring and compassion in this case should be reserved to the family of the victim, and not the family of the perp.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Did I miss it or did Fox 12 not indicate what time of day this murder happened?


They Potland area is such a wonderful place, just where you want to raise a family.

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