University of Oregon sorority starts a ride-sharing program after robbery

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A group of sorority members at the University of Oregon started their own ride-sharing program after a sorority member was robbed at gunpoint.

A few weeks ago, after an of Alpha Chi Omega sorority member got robbed at gunpoint near the University of Oregon, the sorority came together to come up with a solution.

“Everyone's freaked out right now, it's scary especially for women, we kind of always have to be on alert,” Vice Preside of Risk Management of Alpha Chi Omega McKenna Sheridan said.

Sheridan created a Facebook page for the ride-sharing program where members that wanted to drive could contact her and she would add them to a spreadsheet to post on Facebook.

The response was almost immediate, with requests for rides and driver volunteers coming in within the first two weekends.

“We've given 50-60 rides so far,” she said.

Operating on weekends, for now, Sheridan says the ride-sharing program is similar to Uber or Lyft which are not allowed in Eugene.

She said the program is just for members of her sorority, but she's happy about the success but doesn't know why the idea didn't come up sooner.

“Fraternities have been doing something like this, for a long time, so it's frustrating that it hasn't gotten to sororities before,” she said.

University shuttles are available and officers with University of Oregon police and Eugene police department have offered to be escorts, Sheridan said this program is less intimidating,

“It's a little more comfortable for girls in our house to go to each other than it is to ask a police officer for a ride home," she said.

Sheridan plans to turn the naming of the ride-sharing program into a contest and will ask members of the sorority to vote on a final name.

Eugene police are investigating all of the recent violent crimes near campus plan on adding more security.

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