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EUGENE, OR (KPTV) – The University of Oregon announced Monday that it would require students, faculty and staff on campus during the fall term to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

“Requiring vaccinations is critical for public health. It will help us to reach the highest level of protection possible, reduce infections, limit many of the disruptions of COVID-19, and safeguard the community we live in,” UO President Michael Schill said in a letter to the community. “It will also allow our campus community to return to the in-person and on-campus experience that is the cornerstone of academic success, student experience, and research innovation.”

People can request exemptions for medical and non-medical reasons. Information on those exemptions can be found here.

Along with UO, Oregon State University, University of Portland, Portland State University, Willamette University, Lewis & Clark College and Western Oregon University have also announced vaccine requirements, as has the University of Washington and Washington State University.

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Worst PDX Mayor Ever

"Schill" is the perfect name for someone trying to hard to convince faculty, students and parents that everyone needs to rush right out and get vaccinated, or else they're not allowed on campus. And just how are they going to monitor this? We're turning into a police state, nothing short of fascism, and most of you out there are all too willing to buy in. Look, are none of you paying attention to what Fauci and Daszak have been into for years? They're both invested in the lab in Wuhan. They couldn't continue their deeds and their virus creating here in the US, so they helped get it funded over in China, with YOUR tax dollars. This wasn't an accident that happened. This isn't a "pandemic," it's a "planned-demic." And now the same people who unleashed this thing on the world and on the US, so they could oust a successful first term president, are the same ones telling you to rush right out and get the vaccine? Billions of people of avoided getting and dying from covid, so why do we need the vaccine? Even with the vaccine, we still have to wear masks and we can still get and transmit it? Huh? What if there's something in the vaccine that's also created with another plan in mind. No thanks. We have something called free will and constitutional rights. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against this lunacy.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Anyone else notice how Weasel 12 is now disconnecting posts when you're in the middle of trying to post one? That didn't used to happen, but now it's like monitors / moderators can view what one is typing before they post it, and reject it while it's being typed. That's a little disconcerting.


Baaa. Not!


Shouldn't the headline read 'Lawsuits begin after University of Oregon to require Covid-19 vaccinations'?


Control, control, control, just wait, it's only going to get worst. That commie in Salem will march lock step with the Biden administration, socialism is soon to follow.


Here we many complaints in Democrat Oregon about Trump's alleged "fascist tactics" forcing people to do certain government mandated things, allegedly. But now, under Biden, those same people line up like sheep going to the slaughter. What gives?


I bet you anything that I can just hear the paid non-attorney spokespersons now: "If you or someone that you know was injured by taking a covid vaccination, you may be eligible for compensation..."

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

No kidding. Once you've had the injection or injections, you can't untake them. That's why I wouldn't be in a rush to do it. I don't trust anything the government, especially this government, or any government worker tries to tell me. In fact, the more they try to push, the more I will resist. I just love freedom, and constitutional rights.


They say this is critical for public health, but the fact and the truth is they have no clue if the vaccines are going to work or not, or what if any, the side effects will be. I sincerely hope they do work, but I am not will to be their guinea pig.


Line up the Law suits..... Oregon is a state ran school and it's not a law that we the people passed to make it mandatory to get shots! LAW SUITS PENDING!


Will the university now be liable for any damages the students receive from adverse reactions to the vaccine? What a crock.

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