Unusually heavy surf pounds Oregon coast, injures two people


Mother natures flexed her muscle on the Oregon Coast over the weekend sending massive swells crashing ashore, injuring at least two people.

On Saturday morning, North Lincoln Fire and Rescue said they were called to a beachfront rental complex after a large wave hit a 10-foot sea wall and crashed through a deck.

Rescuers said a woman who was standing on the deck was left hanging from the balcony. Her husband helped her up and she was taken to North Lincoln Samaritan Hospital.

The wave that hit the building was estimated to be 12-15 feet high. It collapsed the deck that ran the full length of the single story complex.

Firefighters said a woman in the adjacent unit said she had been watching the large seas since early morning and saw the wave pound into the sea wall and strike the deck above an estimated additional six feet in height above, sweeping barbecue grills and patio furniture off the deck as it collapsed.

The woman said she heard the woman next door screaming and saw her hanging onto the hot tub. She then saw the woman’s husband reach out of the motel unit managed to drag the injured woman up off the damaged deck.

The Surftides Hotel Resort right next door was also damaged in heavy surf.

Around 11:15 a.m. Saturday fire and rescue crews were sent to help a 65-year-old Lincoln City woman who was struck by a “sneaker wave” while walking on the beach near Mo’s Restaurant on Siletz Bay. She injured your ankle and was taken to the hospital.

The two incidents come as a reminder of the dangers sneaker waves can pose on the Oregon Coast especially during the winter months as storms rip up the coast line.

“There is a lot of energy out there,” North Lincoln Fire & Rescue District Captain Jim Kusz said. "And sneaker waves, I’ve seen them come in the length of a football field and these sea surges are unpredictable.”

The heavy surf also prompted Oregon State Parks to close access to D River because debris had been washed into the parking lot.

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