VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – A Vancouver man saw FOX 12’s Most Wanted take off with his work van right outside his apartment.

It’s full of thousands of dollars worth of tools, so he did not want to let it get away, but eventually he had no choice.

Akeem Griffin bought the van last year after he started his company, Gryphon Custom Home Builders. He also bought about $15,000 worth of tools.

“I’m kind of wondering if I made the right move. I kept telling my girlfriend, ‘It’s going to be OK through all the hard times, it’s going to be OK, it’s going to be OK, don’t worry’ and then now this happens and it’s like, well, is it really going to be OK?” Griffin said.

Wednesday afternoon, he was about to pick his daughter up from school when he heard a familiar sound and looked out the window.

“Sure enough, I saw the ladders of my van headed out the parking lot so I already had the keys to my other vehicle, so I hopped immediately in my car and continued to follow suit behind him along with calling police,” he said.

Griffin took pictures along the way, knowing it had to be a thief.

“We were dodging through traffic and dispatch told me to just stop following him because it’s not safe I’m putting other people’s lives in danger,” he said.

Griffin said he followed his stolen van all the way onto the freeway before making a difficult choice.

“I was like, no way, you know, I think about this little one right here and I’ll do anything to make sure she’s OK, including chase this guy down but like I said, I thought about it if I was to really hurt somebody, I may not be able to see her ever again,” he said.

Now, he said at least he knows he did the right thing and hopefully somehow he can get his van and tools back for the sake of his family and his business.

Vancouver police said that van was last seen headed to Portland on Interstate 205.

It’s a white Chevy 2500 express cargo van with Oregon plates 393LZS.

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(5) comments

Delta Bravo

How about "We will get an officer on the way pronto?"


Oregon Plates??? Washington resident?? Isnt that illegal??

Frederick Fukov

Good catch. A little online research shows he's also lived in Portland. Also, he mentions "girlfriend," so it might be her place. Either way, if one establishes residency there, they still have a certain amount of time to address the plates issue.



Frederick Fukov

Stuff like this really infuriates me. It used to be that low-lifes like that when they finally got caught, would get actual justice. Like hard time. Like spending their days breaking big rocks into little rocks. They'd get the message that crime doesn't pay. But not today. Not with the liberals we have running the DA's offices and courts. Personally..I wouldn't have given up the chase until a cop was on the scene. I would have told the 911 dispatch agent that it's not her truck, and not her tools, and there's no way I was letting that (censored) go. But that's just me.

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