VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) - People in Vancouver are speaking up against what seems to be hateful vandalism.

One woman found swastikas painted in a park, and a bar owner says someone tore down their Pride flags and destroyed their stickers.

The Pride flags outside The Thirsty Sasquatch in Vancouver are new. The ones that were here before didn’t last long before owner Brandon Rush says someone tore them down. And that wasn’t all, their stickers to celebrate Pride month were destroyed too.

"Someone had attempted to pull them off," Rush said. "When they weren’t successful they smeared feces all over both fronts of our building, pretty grotesque, pretty disheartening."

The bar just reopened last week from the pandemic, and now with an expanded space.

Rush said this place is all about community and inclusivity.

"This shouldn’t be an issue, it’s embarrassing that it’s an issue, this isn’t progressive, this is just hate," he said. "People are disgusted rightly so, I think the response is appropriate for how grotesque this is especially when you’re dealing with feces, you gotta have a lot of hate to smear poop on a building."

Rush reported it to police. At the same time, Marta Gray tells us she had to call the Clark County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week after finding disturbing vandalism at Felida Park.

Vancouver residents speak up against hate after vandals target Pride flags, paint swastikas

Image: KPTV

"As I was walking I saw something on the trees and didn’t realize what it was and then I realized they were swastikas that were spray painted on the trees in the perimeter of the park," Gray said.

As a mom and teacher, she said she immediately called friends warning them to not let their kids come here worried about the impact of what they’d see.

"I was so upset, I cannot believe that this is happening in Felida, Washington. We are just a generous community, we have amazing people and this is not the set of values that we hold, this is not who we are," she said.

Now she and Rush say they want to make it loud and clear that neither of these acts are acceptable.

"I know this community and I do believe this is like an outlier situation," Rush said. "It’s important for us to know and just use our voice and rally a little bit."

"We’re just gonna nip it in the bud we’re not gonna allow this to permeate our community," Gray said.

Public works crews removed the graffiti at the park.

The Clark County Sheriff's Office doesn't have any suspect information.

Vancouver Police said there's no way to know if these cases could be connected.

Gray said she’d like to see some more cameras and lighting in the park here to hopefully discourage this behavior and help hold people accountable.

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Who cares about Vancouver?

It's a sick place. They would do well if Biden allowed it to annex Portland.


I don't like anything that depicts a swastka, but pride displays do offend me.




"This is terrible" - Jesse Smollet


Good thought! That didn't even occur to me, but you may have called this![thumbup]

Worst PDX Mayor Ever



While I do not condone any kind of "hate", I wonder how many of these people that have all their pride flags hanging, are ok with police "hate", and support vandalizing police precincts? Just sayin..


You condone all sorts of hate you liar.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

While you clearly hate America, and continue to support others who hate know..there's that.

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