VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) - Sunday night, Katina Salvey and her friend were coming home from the Thorns game when they heard something inside her house.

"Heard some kind of thud and then nothing. So, we thought, 'Okay, no big deal. Some dishes in the sink must have shifted,'" Salvey said.

They went inside to investigate and noticed the back door was open. While Salvey admits she's been guilty of leaving doors unlocked, her friend was confident she had locked it.

"We decided everything was cool, got everything locked up, getting ready for bed. I was in my bathroom and noticed the window was open about an inch, I thought it was a little bit weird," she said. "I was brushing my teeth and I heard something outside and thought, I'm just going to take a peek."

What she saw through the window was startling.

"I kind of went down to lift the window and saw, not clearly, but the contour of a face in contrast with the big rhododendron bush that blocks my window from anybody being able to see inside,' Salvey said. "Yeah, I screamed. I slammed the window shut, I started banging on the window to scare him."

She said the man ran around the house, jumped over a fence and bolted across her yard. That's when she called 911. After officers inspected her yard, they found something that had been left behind.

"It was three beers out of a six pack of beer," she said. "The cider was in my fridge, he drank my cider. "That's when it was like, this is getting really weird because it was like, he was in my house and looked in my fridge, like what else did he look at?"

Now, Salvey said she's upping the security at her house - with plans to get cameras and possibly a dog.

"I did get dowels, so I've got dowels in all the doors and windows. I've installed lights. Like a flood light outside of the garage so anybody out front is going to trigger a very bright light," Salvey said.

She said Vancouver Police told her they're going to take the cider cans they found and test them for DNA.

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(5) comments


Pretty good story until the end. I doubt police even try to match finger prints anymore as wide spread as the crime is in the PNW. DNA, don't need that. If he drank acholic cider, you know the race. The other color drinks Colt 45.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

The girl should own a shotgun.


Good thing they have money to test for DNA on a cider can, but a rape kit they just don't have the funds.

Native Born

All those untested kits are a travesty of miscarried justice! Any man that forces a woman against her will should be severely dealt with.


There are certain crimes that should carry an automatic life sentence-Murder, Rape especially of a child and repeat violent offender. Why thinking it is OK to release pedophiles back into society baffles me.

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