PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Surveillance video caught vandals on camera last week after hitting several northeast Portland businesses with graffiti, even marking a nearby school, according to police.

The video from Pip’s Original Doughnuts on Fremont, one of businesses hit by the vandals, shows two people marking the buildings last Thursday.

FOX 12 visited the area Tuesday and saw vandalism on at least three storefronts, along with Beaumont Middle School.

Pip’s Original Doughnuts posted pictures of the vandals to their Facebook page, hoping someone can help identify them.

Businesses in the area say this isn’t the first time they’ve had to deal with these kinds of issues.

“I have been broken into,” Deborah Field, Paper Jam owner, said. “I’ve had a problem neighbor that was hard to deal with. And had a little bit of graffiti…”.

Field lives and works in the area, and though Paper Jam, her store, wasn’t hit this time, she says it has been hit in the past.

“In general, it’s been a pretty safe neighborhood,” Field said. “But, things are changing in Portland. And with change comes sometimes things that are not so great.”

So, when Field saw her neighbors were dealing with vandalism again, she says she wasn’t surprised.

“Not really,” Field said. “Not really. See, you get kind of conditioned to all that stuff … it makes you start to feel like, ‘am I safe here?’”

In a Facebook post, Pip’s Original Doughnuts’ owner says they would just like the vandals to come clean up the mess they made.

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won't say

If you're interested on doing a follow up story on graffiti, I have the photos and email and I'd be glad to forward them.

won't say

Graffiti problem is pervasive throughout Portland. I attribute it to lack of enforcement and prosecution of graffiti vandals. There is one prolific graffiti vandal that tags everywhere. I found his Instagram and submitted the damage he's caused all around, his Instagram account and the photo of the suspect that he posted himself on his Instagram. The guy offers "commissioned work", so setting up with him as a client wouldn't be difficult. I have submitted the whole package to the graffiti abatement program at the Community & Civic Life of City of Portland, but nothing really came out of it. The perp continues to do graffiti, new vandalism is exhibited on his Instagram and apparently absolutely zero interest by our city to identify, prosecute and apprehend graffiti vandals. I am sick of it.

Despite having a city code in place, the "graffiti nuisance property" ordinance is never enforced against property owners of derelict buildings as well as businesses that let graffiti remain on their buildings even though they don't have a required permit. The combined effect of lack of prosecution of graffiti vandals and leniency towards property owners who like graffiti and allow their property become a graffiti nuisance property is a proliferation of graffiti onto other property.

Terrell Higgs

Ted Wheeler is running again, this type of thing is his legacy.


Yup! Portland is changing! Probably another of Mayor Wheeler's accomplishments while in office. On the other hand, should the vandals ever be identified, they will be cited to never appear again!

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