VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – Marrion Elementary School is on high alert after it had its classroom windows smashed multiple times over the last several weeks. 

The district said the vandals smashed windows of a portable classroom.

Now it’s planning to install video cameras to combat the repeated vandalism, which is an issue that doesn’t sit well with mom Helen Bugg.

“I’m upset that there’s these kids running around doing this and they obviously don’t care about these children and being safe at school,” Bugg said.

Bugg’s daughter learns inside that classroom with the smashed windows.

But luckily the district said this all happened during times when students and staff weren’t in the building.

Evergreen Public Schools said in the last three weekend four windows were smashed of one portable classroom.

Nothing was stolen and there was no other damage inside the classroom.

Bugg said vandalism in the area is becoming a problem.

“We have some, I don’t even want to give them credit as a gang, I think it’s just some kids doing stupid vandalism but in the neighborhood and the track right behind the school there’s like a lot of new spray painting that happens and things getting broken,” Bugg said.

The district said the windows were all fixed and the principal recently walked the campus to remove any boards or rocks that might be used to break a window.

Bugg said while no one was physically hurt during these crimes, this is still doing damage to the children who see this as a safe place of learning.

“I feel like when people do things like this it’s coming from a place of hurt in them,” Bugg said. “Obviously something’s going on in their lives that they need to work on and I’m sorry if whoever hurt you or whatever happened in your life but you can’t hurt other people especially not innocent kids at an elementary school.”

The district notified its security company of the vandalism.

Evergreen Public School said it will notify police if school security develops a suspect.

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