PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Video played in the courtroom Thursday showed Jeremy Christian cursing and threatening to stab people the day before two people were killed on a MAX train in northeast Portland.

Christian’s lawyers said the deadly stabbings of Ricky John Best, 53, of Happy Valley, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, 23, of Portland, were carried out in self-defense. Micah David-Cole Fletcher was also stabbed, and survived the attack.

Prosecutors began their rebuttal of the defense case Thursday. They said video on a MAX train the night before the deadly stabbings showed Christian’s intent.

The video showed Christian saying, “Looks like we’ve got a Christian or Muslim (expletive) bus driver, I’ll stab you too, (expletive). Move forward. Move forward, MAX driver, (expletive) you. I’m about to stab some mother (expletive), call the police, I dare you.”

Prosecutors also went over social media posts made by Christian.

“He said may all the Gods bless Timothy McVeigh, a true patriot,” said Det. Michelle Michaels, reading a post made by Christian.

Michaels also read a letter Christian sent from jail, talking about the shirt he wore on the day of the attacks.

“The ironic thing is that I was wearing a Conan the Barbarian T-shirt that said, “what would Conan do?” on it. And I guess they were dying to find out. No pun intended,” Michaels said, reading the letter.

Another statement was read that Christian made two days after the deadly stabbings, during a police interview.

“Both of those people would have been alive if they had kept their hands to themselves, or got off the train, or allowed me to have my free speech. It’s only because they decided to get violent with me that they signed their own death warrant, and I don’t feel one bit remorseful or sorry about that,” Michaels testified, reading Christian’s statement.

Prosecutors say it all goes to show that Christian acted intentionally and committed murder.

The defense reiterated that Christian acted in self-defense, while saying he didn’t know a third person had been stabbed, and he apologized for hurting that person.

“He says I remember being pushed and getting up and defending myself but apparently that was pretty lethal,” Michaels said, reading another statement from Christian.

Prosecutors also called a witness from the Department of Corrections who talked about Christian’s history of prison fights, along with a sociologist who talked about links between Christian and white supremacy.

Another day or so of testimony is expected in the case, with closing arguments projected for next week.


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That's it? A full day at the office? What, exactly, was said about his fights in prison? What's the story? Were they kill-or-be-killed fights? Were they self defence fights? Was he ganged up on and thrown to the ground? Do tell.

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