Video shows MAX moving with door wide open


A video taken by a MAX rider shows the train moving with a door wide open.Friday afternoon, a rider tells Fox 12 he took a disturbing video after getting on the MAX green line at the Flavel Street stop.It shows the MAX in motion, but the door wide open.“That’s so scary. I can’t believe something like that happened,” rider Avery Novotny said.

Riders Fox 12 showed the video to had the same reaction.

“It’s just kind of terrifying that stuff we rely on so much can malfunction like that,” another rider said.

TriMet released the following statement about the video:Safety is our core value, and the video is very concerning. Our Operations staff identified the train, and it is no longer in service. It will not be returned to service until the equipment passes a rigorous inspection. We want to apologize to the riders on board the train, and we want to let them and all our riders know we are conducting a full investigation. The safety features of the train should prevent it from moving when a door is open so we want to know why this happened.“It looked pretty fast obviously, pretty speedy,” Novotny said. “I would be holding on for my life.”

While most riders said they would be scared if they were on the train, they also hope it’s a one-time malfunction.

“I definitely have never felt unsafe in any way,” Novotny said. “It seems pretty stable.”

“It’s a freak incident,” another rider said. “It doesn’t always happen obviously.”

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