SANDY, OR (KPTV) – A Fred Meyer employee in Sandy pushed a man to the ground in the parking lot during a confrontation that was caught on camera.

Witnesses say it happened Saturday after an argument between two customers. 

Now, Fred Meyer is investigating what happened in the video that’s since gone viral.

Dave Allsop, a Vietnam veteran, was about to go grocery shopping on Saturday when he says a Fred Meyer employee got involved in an argument he was having with another customer in the parking lot.

The employee then says, “All right, just relax. Relax.”

In the video, you can hear a woman saying she was hit when Allsop pulled into a parking spot where the cart was.

You can then hear someone on the video yelling that he took the cart: “She didn’t leave the cart right here. You took it from over there!”

Allsop says he simply moved the cart and never touched the woman with his car. He watched the now-viral video for the first time with his niece.

“I’m trying to get the license plate, the picture of the license plate,” he told FOX 12.

Allsop says he was trying to snap a photo of the customer’s license plate before she drove off, just in case the argument he had with her turned into something more.

But the Fred Meyer employee blocked him from doing that.

“He drug me away and drug me off towards my car and then he pushed me to the back of my car and shoved me and basically, I just stumbled and he pushed me down,” Allsop said.

Moments after Allsop pulls out his phone to take a picture, the Fred Meyer employee pushes him away from the customer’s car.

As the van pulls out, you can see Allsop shoved into the back of another car by the employee and again to the ground.

“And he kind of made fun. ‘Oh, nice fall!’ or something on that order,” Allsop said.

Allsop says in the video, “You’re the one that shoved me on the [expletive] ground.”  

“Yeah, I saw you fall,” the employee says.

Allsop told FOX 12, “I’m a nice guy. I haven’t… I didn’t do anything.  If I did do, I stayed there. I didn’t run off. If I did something wrong, I’m willing to stand there and face the consequences whatever the heck I did, but I don’t think I deserved this manhandling by this manager.”

At end of the video, the employee can be seen without his name badge, but he was wearing it when he first came outside.

Sandy police say they did respond to the situation. No one was cited or arrested.

The woman who filmed the video says there is more that led up to the conflict before she started recording, but ultimately Allsop never should’ve been pushed.

“I think that one incident turned into two incidents. I think Dave was in the wrong for what he did, and I feel like a Fred Meyer employee should never come in physical contact with somebody no matter what manner it is, unless it’s like somebody’s getting hurt,” said Christina Collier, who recorded the video.

Fred Meyer issued a statement saying, “This situation is under investigation. We do not comment on investigations but we will respond to the outcome swiftly. Customer safety is our top priority.”

“I’ve been in the sheriff’s office for 25 years working in corrections. I’ve had my share of ups and downs and bumps and bruises from all the different things that have happened to me through the years, but I’ve never had anything like this happen just out of the blue,” said Allsop. “He should keep his muscles to himself.” 

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(7) comments

Diana B

I watched the video he absolutely push the guy to the ground. I don't care what the situation unless the guy was protecting somebody from physical harm, which he wasn't. You don't push people especially an elderly person he could cause lifetime injury to an elderly person. He also started it, he should have just let the old man take the picture it wasn't hurting anything. And it was none of his business if he wanted to take a picture of the lady's car. He handled that poorly.


Not an accurate representation of what actually happened in this incident. I suspect that the true story is not as sensational as the way Fox12 has spun the story. The truth is that the senior veteran was verbally attacking and posturing violently/threateningly towards a woman in the parking lot for several minutes before she ran inside the store, fearing for her safety. She managed to convince a store employee (who was on his lunch break) to escort her to her vehicle so she could leave. The man was still there, and started yelling and screaming at the woman again when she came back! This is when you see the video starting in this news article... very inappropriate to leave out the part of the story that puts everything into context. Also, if they would have bothered to interview anyone else for this story; the other witnesses would have explained that the man was not pushed, he fell when the store employee blocked him from lunging at the woman's car. It is very possible that the senior was saved from bodily injury. Had he not been restrained, he might have fallen right into the woman's vehicle as she was trying to leave away from that abusive and aggressive man.

Shame on Fox12 for some very poor investigative reporting, and for spinning a story like this to suit their viewership's lust for sensationalism! What about the man here that was attempting to diffuse the situation, and was interested in protecting a woman from an aggressive and abusive man?? what happens to him? will he loose his job for trying to do the right thing, and instead becoming the victim of this misinterpreted story-line?


Thank you OrangeBarn for your insight into this. I saw the original video right after it was posted online and before it was removed. I was only able to voice my opinion based upon what i saw and as we know, many videos do not show what led up to an incident or show the full detail. I appreciate your message as it helped me remember not to ASSUME. LOL>


Wow, you certainly are a creative writer, I will give you that be much. All I see and what iIcan hear is the man reacting to an accusation of having struck a woman with his vehicle. Im pretty tightly wound anyway so I know if some person made such accusation against me I would NOT be anything like a pipe smoking professor who would calmly extract the truth during the course of careful questioning and conversation. I know what I would do, because it already happened . I flipped out! I knew that the incident had been recorded and once I was certain that she was claiming that I had struck her, she wasn't going anywhere. It was a crime that she was perpetrating and I was physically capable of preventing her from fleeing once it became clear that she had picked the wrong one. She sought assistance from others in parking lot and a couple of people were threatening to call police and yeah, it looked bad for me, however, i just repeatedly told her I was detaining her, she was not free to leave and she was under a citizens arrest. No one attempted to put hands on me, had they tried I think Id have fought them as well. Security responded and once i told them what shed claimed and it was confirmed by the initial witnesses, they just stood by and made sure it was kept civil. Police arrived she denied having ever made the claim . The witnesses all gave their statements I gave mine, police went inside and came back a few minutes later placed her in handcuffs and put her i. Their car. Its an insurance scam. They try to pick elderly people who will get flustered or , even better, confused when they ate accused of hitting someone with their vehicle. Because the ability to just drive to the grocery is the independance , the only freedom that many have left to enjoy. That simple accusation causes all sorts of things to just fly through their heads, oftentimes the driver will even apologize for hitting the person, doubting their own recollections. Its just a scam. In my case She had a criminal record for other insurance fraud. Oh btw, at one point in the video, as they are going around the back of a white vehicle it appears the arms in tge blue shirt are extended at about chest level and, clearly the guy with the cell phone is in the process of going down. I mean it appears thar way to me. But I wasnt actually present to witness the incident, had i been and witnessed a fred meyer employee putting hands on the man i would have entered the confrontation and challenged the employee myself. At no time, except in ones own defense or the immediate defense of another person, does any person employed to interact with general population, Including loss prevention, ever to make physical contact with a customer. I knew Mr. Fred Meyer, as my father drove him daily for a few years and i know full well that he would not have tolerated this sort of behavior from the employee. I suspect that in actualityyou did not witness this incident either as you dont claim that uou did. I suspect that you are a plant, a friend of the employee, ho was asked to respond as favorably as you could muster, considering that the employees conduct was at best problematic and possibly criminal but definately out of corporate policy and i would be quite surprised if he doesn't find himself terminated by weeks end. The pat that bothers me most about the employee actions,. He removed his name tag during the incident which demonstrates a consciousness of guilt. If he believed have s actions were responsible and necessary, why remove the ability to immediately identify him?


How do you know all that?


You have to be careful with aggressive old men because they will fight you and then later act like the victim. I recently had a old guy twice my size challenge me to a fight and then later call the cops to say he was afraid of me. People are crazy stay away from them. A very common problem is that most people have pent up anger and when given the opportunity they will vent on you for no reason.


Manazuma, Oh,. I think there is always a reason

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