PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A group gathered near Portland State University Monday evening, two years after Jason Washington was shot and killed.

Washington was shot nine times by campus police. Witnesses say he was trying to break up a fight.

He was licensed to carry and had a friend’s gun holstered on his hip, then it either dropped from his hand or fell to the ground.

The officer’s shooting was deemed justified.

Many students and community members say they still want to disarm PSU police.

FOX 12 spoke with a family member of Washington’s about just that.

“At this point, it doesn't feel like the students feel safer. They feel threatened by the presence of police, people have died, people have been killed by police, including a member of my family,” said relative Louis Cozzetto. 

Last year, the university paid the Washington family $1 million in a wrongful death settlement.

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(4) comments

Roberto Estrello Demar

I'm not familiar with the case. But it's oh, so true; alcohol and gunpowder are a bad mixture. Just make the decision when you have sober time to reflect upon it. If there's going to be alcohol or other intoxicants, FIRST unload and secure ALL the potential weapons. People may grumble the first time, but they will comply and will respect you for it. [If they do not comply, leave the area.] You'll never know how GLAD you are that you did.


Jason was killed because he was stupid, so these morons are protesting stupidity. Go figure.

Eliza Cassan

These people don't care about facts or even common sense, they just enjoy any chance they get protest against authority, the police. How many of them ever been in law enforcement, military, etc? Waste of air

Frederick Fukov

Do these people have nothing better to do with their lives? Do they even HAVE lives? Jason was with a group of friends and they were drinking. Jason was carrying a loaded weapon, even though he was also drinking. THAT is a violation of CHL protocols because alcohol dulls the senses and impairs judgment. Then his buddies get in a fight at a bar which is either considered part of PSU campus community, or campus resource officers were the closest responders. Dude had a gun..it falls out of his pocket or pants..he was warned not to pick it up..he picks it up anyway. He could have fired at officers. They have a split second to decide and if they hesitate it could cost them their lives. But a bunch of people who have never been near a firearm, nor have ever been on a ride-along, and were not there that night..they know better. Yeah sure. So if they get their way, at some point in the future, it's matter of when, not if..there's going to be an active shooter on the campus or the park blocks, and what will security do? Go bear spray the shooter? People in this town, these mental defective liberals, have lost their minds.

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